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What edible to make?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mattplusness, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Well, I broke my grinder and its got a good amount of keif in it, enough for 2 people to get blazed for a long time.
    Anyway, what should I make?

    I was thinking maybe put some cannabutter on a couple pieces of pieces of pizza

    thoughts? What other ideas? Note: I do not have that much so don't say something like make brownies, because you would need to eat half a batch of brownies. because i am not wasting a half box

    edit: No firecrackers. I hate the taste of them. I would prefer something with cannabutter
  2. How are you gonna make cannabutter with that small amount of bud? It's usually made with like an ounce aye? You'd get shit all cannabutter probably..but hey it'll be potent as fuck if its keif so go for it man. And you can just spread that butter on toast or something,make anythin you want with it dude.
  3. you can make cannabutter with any amount of bud.
    just use less oil.
    its not rocket science.
    or is it?
  4. Lol. Yeah but with the keif from a grinder? You'd end up making shit all butter, but whatever dude go for it.
  5. you dont have to use alot to put it on something bro. its just quality not quantity basically.
  6. Yeah I suppose dude.Good luck anyway.
    And you still off the cigs dude? 6 days, nice,keep it up man
  7. yeah i really don't even crave them anymore. it feels awesome to not be a smoker anymore. i really feel like i am gonna do it. you feel cleaner when you don't smoke cigs, and my teeth are like 4 shades whiter since i quit that short ago
  8. Old thread ..but didn't want to make a new one..
    My new breakfast of Champions..LOL

    cookies and creme.JPG
  9. Decarb the kief first 240 F for 40 minutes.
    5 grams of kief, hash, BHO, AVB, powdered weed
    2.5 teaspoons cooking oil Coconut oil is best but any thing works from butter to saffron oil.
    1/2 teaspoon lecithin (power doubler)
    Mix oil and kief
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Freeze (softens material further)
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Makes 30 (0) sized gel caps of about 25 drops each.
    Start very slow as this stuff will launch you outta your chair if you take to much.
    Hands and knees with the bloody spins is more then possible with hash-kief.
    Can scale this up or down as needed for the amount your working with.
    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    Eat it directly ( it's quite tasty on it's own) or add to anything edible.

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  10. Sorry to butt in but what is Kief bro? We dont have any of this over here in the UK bro.
  11. Kief is the powder you get at the bottom of a four piece grinder. It gets sifted through a screen after you grind up your bud.
  12. I want you to make some cannacheese balls out of it or you could make some cannatonic...

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