What earth to use?

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  1. I want a good earth that will be good for my seedlings and for when my plant is flowering, I am thinking just regular black earth with no nutrients or anything, adding perlite, and when the time comes I will feed it with nutrients.. Or should I buy some organic earth with no nutrients and then just add perlite?? Can someone suggest me an earth that I can buy from Homedepot.ca, Rona, Walmart or Canadian tire.. Thanks
  2. They don't have good soils at those places you listed. Roots organic is a pretty solid soil. Hear it is one of the closest soils you can get to organicm

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  3. My first grow I used a cactus mix of soil and it worked great. You will need to add nutes but Cactus soil has very good drainage perfect for marijuana
  4. The thing with buying soil at the big box stores like Wally World and Home Depot, etc., is that 99.9% of them are loaded with slow release fertilizers. Growers refer to soil like that as being hot. Even some of the formulated grow soils you buy just for growing are "hot." If you can get it, you can't go wrong with Roots Organics soils. We use Roots Original and have for years because it is just killer good. I never imagined how much difference a particular soil could make in my plants until I grew a batch with the "Roots." It's insanely expensive and I have to drive about 45 minutes one way to get the stuff, but it's most definitely worth it. Your goal with soil should be a light arid mix with darn good drainage and ease of root movement for the plant. They don't like their roots sitting in moist conditions so a heavy dense soil is going to work against you. If you do go with a store bought soil, plan on adding about 40% perlite to it. Know that it's likely to burn your seedlings a bit and slow them down a little, but they will come out of it 99% of the time and be fine. You will need NO nutes until way on down the road and when it does get time to start them, start at a very very diluted dose and build up from there. It's real easy to fry your plants and I personally don't think it takes as much as the manufacturers would have us believe. You'll need a way to pH the water you give your plants to a range of 6.3 to 6.7. This keeps the roots healthy and open and sucking up goodies so your plants grow bigger. Watering and feeding out of pH range will eventually lock up the roots of your plant and it can't take in nutrition.

    Do some reading on the new grower threads here. There are several posts just for the new grower that contain all the very basics the new grower should know before he/she gets started. Information is your friend and you should put as much time and effort into learning the grow process as you did figuring out a grow setup. They both work hand in hand and one is no good without the other. TWW
  5. sounds like this could be your first grow or one of your first grows. So if you get the bag of Fox Farm Ocean Forrest or any other organic soil mix, even the one you’re talking about from your nursery, you’ll be good. You can grow good pot in not-so-good dirt. But at the end of the day, the better the soil, the better your plants are going to be. If you are a beginner just buy a bag of the soil at your nursery, the Fox Farm or Roots, or whatever and run your plants—see what happens. Don’t make it overly complicated, certainly at the beginning. You don’t want to get really discouraged about growing because it’s not going to go the way you think it should go. And you’re going to have high expectations. Keep it simple and just flow with it. As you go with it the plant will grow you as you grow the plant.
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  6. Good soil DOES make a difference, but my 1st grows were in MG and they turned out fine. Just prepare to treat for fungus gnats.

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