What drugs to take?

Discussion in 'General' started by moolly, Dec 20, 2008.

  1. Im pretty sure Im gonna go down the drug road. I dont mean im gonna become like some mucked up crack addict, I mean im just gonna try stuff, cus i think its good too try stuff and it looks fun :D. Ive tried alcohol obviously and weed a few times. Im not up for injecting and preferably not sniffing anything (unless that is the only way to take the drug). So basically heroin and coke are a no. Any drugs you would reccomend trying (and are relatively safe) and if possible a bit of info about them would be cool
  2. first, check out this site


    and try mushrooms, ecstasy, salvia, acid, and whatever else u wana try
  3. I would recommend mescaline, pma, dmt, shrooms, lsd.
  4. this would probably go better in pandora just cause they'll have a lot more info for you there but bleezie said it right
  5. I say try some Mushrooms, Acid, Extacy and maybe some painkillers. You could try ADD meds if you like uppers, like Adderal or Ritalin.

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