What drugs to take for social anxiety?

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  1. Ok im the kind of guy with siriouse ADD, ADHD and mild social anxiety. Im very outgoing with my friends but when i go to party's and stuff with poeple i dont know im really just not comfortable with poeple. It would really be great to not feel any anxiety around poeple i dont know, or not care what poeple think about me. 1 big problem is talking to girls i like:mad:

    Weed has made me both quiet and outgoing, so im not sure if its the drug of choice. It does kind of take away all worries, what about adderall? Anything else? Any suggestions?
  2. Benzodiazepines. Pretty much the best thing for any kind of anxiety.

    Highly addicting though.

    You could try adderall, but that seems like it would make anxiety worse (anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).
  3. i can be quiet a lot but weed makes me wicked social and wicked fuckin funny
  4. Um...not Mushrooms.
  5. see a doctor
  6. Alright sweet first post lol:hello:, never heard of benzodiazepine....
  7. xanaxxxxxxxxxx
  8. hmm i might have to try more pot because everything else is pritty addictive.

    I suppose diffornt kinds of pot give me diffornt effects, some makes me careless and outgoing, some makes me chill and quiet:confused:
  9. If you find any solutions, i'm with you.
  10. This is for me, I have really really bad social anxiety to the point where I just have to leave the room because it gets so bad.

    As far as weed, indicas actually give me more anxiety (though lately I've learned to control it much better) and sativas helps my anxiety a lot to where I don't feel it at all (makes me more outgoing)
    Benzos really helped me too and I didn't notice any kind of addiction potential personally but thats probably just me.
    Aderall helped tremendously (its basically a super anti-depressant xD) and just makes everything seem ok and made me want to talk for hours and hours, infact one of my friends and I usually take aderall together and have conversations with each other that normally we don't have and we feel like were having the time of our lives, its great but I find it fairly addicting.

    Other than that I'm not sure...SSRI's are supposed to help but they always increased my anxiety never really took it away so idk.
  11. Uh... alcohol haha.
  12. ecstasy would be the best to interact socially....but only use every now and then.
  13. Adderall would be pretty good because you'll get to the point of where what you want to say is more important than any anxiety.
  14. A couple MGs of Xanax, a beer or two (when your experienced with benzos), and a fat dank bowl = NO WORRIES
  15. Scotch and Water
  16. benzo's arent THAT highly addictive, i mean if you use em daily u'll get addicted and the withdrawl can be deadly, but u look like ur jus lookin for somethin to help you at like parties and social events, so xanax would be good for ya
  17. Thats interesting sativas make it better:smoke:
  18. I sometimes have mild social anxiety, I just learned to not give a fuck and realize it does not really matter. Try it without xanax or whatever and see how it works out, since you can't always rely on a drug to make life easier for you. Sometimes you just gotta try it for yourself, see what works for you. I am now finally able to not be nervous or seem awkward around new people I meet. I attribute my social success in the recent months to this phrase I adopted from a friends brothers best friend. Just learn to adopt the habit of "not giving a fuck." Trust me, just realize how what you say does not matter and you will end up naturally being interesting without having to use xanax. But if you have already given up then by all means.

    Im not bashing using a benzo or whatever the fuck, I just think you might earn more from the experience of conquering your social anxiety sober then high which I know sounds fucking hard and it would be but, it worked for me :)
  19. ^^ good advice

    i was gonna say drink a beer, but the above is much better advice
  20. i have mad social anxiety and xanax and klonopin are pretty good.

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