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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by DirtyPete, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. AHHHH im fiending coke now

    someone give me a line LOL

  2. Haha, yea me too dude, but I gotta chill with that shit.

    I\'ve been doing it like every weekend and that nonsense has to stop, I gotta start saving my dough. But goddamn just talkign about it has me licking my teeth and shit, hah.

  3. shit same here dude im fucking drooling for some right now

    id love some white girl yummmmmm I want that pure brick shit that my homeboy gets that makes my teeth numb my mouth numb my head numb just from a line and gets you GEEKIN

    grrrr give me coke bitchs
  4. The type of shit with that candy coat pearlesque shine to it eh?

    Gotta love that fishscale shit...

  5. yeppp that shit that shines in the light makes you drooollll has little scales

    god I got to find some yay im just fiending right now hahah
  6. I do the same exact thing. I get crazy ass rushes to the head after blowin like 10 lines then sniff a little H20. Then I do a couple more, and put a little water, sniff hard and make sure everythangs up thur.I fucking love that drip and I always do this method when I\'m blowin.
  7. Me LOVE me some nice, chucky ass fishscale. Thats that I can\'t feel my damn face thang right thurr/
  8. Guess who just snorted water and got another drip and is feeling a second bump (but it\'s amp not yay) yeahhhhh sonnnnnnn :):):) ho jeeze my legs feel like swimming pools
  9. Hmmm... it\'s payday and this thread has me craving coke. I see a disaster up ahead.
  10. I mean, yeah coke\'s great and all.. But do we have any RC cola fans up in here?????? [​IMG]

    What? What do you mean we\'re not talking about soda..?
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