What drugs to buy...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by DirtyPete, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. I would get some brick coke def, some good ass green, some xannies/benzos, a couple oxys, maybe a pill or 2 of thizz, and maybe shrooms, and some liquor

    if you can find some drank, then try and get that too
  2. smoke some weed get shit faced and save some $
  3. 1 gram of pure bricked coke

    2 pure mdma pills

    1/8 of mushies

    1/4 of dank

    And you still got money left.

    I wish I could party with you that night hahahah
  4. I ended up getting a ball of yay, about 20 klonopins and a half oz of weed.

    I still got like a quarter of weed left, I\'m still recovering from all of that nonsense, my head ain\'t been right since saturday haha.
  5. hahha nicccceee pure shit?

    dont mix uppers and downers though

  6. YEa it was some fire shit, had a brown tinge to it, had me fuckin off the walls.

    I took the kpins when ?I was coming down. Smoked a fat dutch and took 2 1.0 mg kpins, had me passed ou within a half hour. Then the next day I did the other gram before, during, and after work haha.

    It was a good time, although I wished I had saved more of the yay or gotten money for it.

  7. yeah its funny with yay you buy a 30 then you do it all then you buy another 30 then a 50 then when thats all gone and you\'re broke you search on the floor for rocks that you dropped
  8. Or licking CD cases and credit cards...
  9. haha wtf? head I said that to you the other day when you were on hydrocodone and coke and you were like \"i love that shit\"
  10. Haha, drugs have a way of skewing your common sense sometimes.

    Xanax + alcohol will make me do things I\'d never think of doing sober.

  11. lmao you did?

    whoops! that mix is nice though lol

  12. Lol yes only licking them after you have snorted any powder left
  13. HAha, yea of course you gotta gather all the table scraps for a depressing last hurrah. Then comes the last desperate attempt at at a nummy by licking things, hahaha. :p
  14. The best treat is when after you do lines like 20 minutes later you snort air up again through your nose and realize there was mad shit that didn\'t drip earlier. And then you get a whole new free bump. :D

  15. At the end of the night I always sniff a little water up my nose. That shit give you the craziest drip EVER! It\'s intense, plus it prevents the horrible cloggage youg et the next day.
  16. lmao yeah I like the spray that sprays up your nose its like doing a whole nother line shit owns after you do yay

    one time I was really excited to do some coke and I didnt break it up good enough I snorted a line then went inside walmart at the counter a white rock fell out my nose on the counter right infront of the cashier
  17. I always snort water right after I do lines, I\'m convinced it helps it absorb better.. Plus it just feels good.
  18. dude this thread is making me fiend some coke now

    hmm I snorted some lines on the washer wonder if I can find a rock

  19. HAha, did you pick that shit up and rub it on your gums? Haha, that\'d be hilarious.

  20. hahahaha yes yes I did

    she just looked at me like wtf? uhhh ok
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