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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by DirtyPete, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. So I made 300 dollars last night dealing cards for about 8 hours, I get my paycheck on tuesday so this 300 is just like a nice little bonus I can use for whatever I want. I want drugs.

    What drugs should I buy today?

    I\'m thinking about a gram of coke, an eigth of weed, a bottle of liquor, seme klonpins for the coke comedown (or xannies if I can find em), and maybe I\'ll look around for mushies.

    Take some mushies, smoke some weed, wait until I\'m trippin balls, blow some coke, chill trippin, take some klonopins and smoke more weed for the coke comedown then maybe if I don\'t feel like too much shit drink some liquor and smoke more weed.

    Or if I don\'t get mushies...

    Just get really drunk and yipped up for the night.

    Sounds like a good time to me, you guys think I\'m missing anything in my equation?
  2. My list would be comprised of dankity dank weed (lots of it), X, acid, xannies, and shrooms
  3. Sounds like you already have a plan. Live it up bro

    Except I would substitute the klonpins for valium
  4. Acid would definately be on that list if I could get some. I suppose I could search, but it always ends up in heartbreak...

    And my bad mods, I forgot other drugs go in Pandora\'s Box. I\'m just so used to staying in the general forum.
  5. Yea, I just know that klonopins are readily available in large quantities. They\'re both benzo\'s tohugh, and kpins usualy fuck me up good if I take like 3-4 of the 10mg ones. (*edit* That\'s 1.0 mg ones I guess, not 10)
  6. I guess I\'ve covered all areas, the only reason I asked is becaues I feel like I\'m missing something....

    I guess I\'ll just see what happens.
  7. Some Chronic + Shroomin\' = Fucking Bad Ass Trip.

  8. coke is a no-no. Especially when u trip.

    Buy some tree, shrooms/acid, liquor, and whatever pills. Pills are shit too though.
  9. dont buy a whole bunch of drugs at once, take sum of dat brown shit one night, snniff a littlw white shit, do a little of that green shit then go piss in a cup
  10. If I had 300$, i\'d spend about 50$ on bars which would be around 25-30 bars, then i\'d get a fifth of grey goose which is around 35$ with tax, which leaves a little over 200 for weed.
  11. I like coke when I trip, I can really feel the acetone eating away at the mucus membrane of my nasal cavity, it\'s sweet! Haha, na that\'s only kind of true. I do enjoy being yayed out tripping though, even though it kind of leaves me feeling like I need to be doing something and there\'s just nothing to be done.

  12. If by brown shit you mean heroin, I don\'t do that shit. But what\'s all this about pissing in a cup, haha, why would I want urine tainted with a myriad of illegal substances?
  13. id get a half zip of the dankest bud i could find...a case of bluemoon a couple oranges....some doses or some mushies.....
  14. I personally don\'t like coke with psychedelics, but that\'s just me. Had a bad experience with an 8-ball and 3 or 4 geltabs once in high-school. No more for me. But you best believe I\'m all about both, just not together.

    But damn I wish I could handle all that shit. That\'s like being fucked up on a whole new level.
  15. heroin



  16. Coke on shrooms is a horrible experience from what I\'ve heard.
  17. get some Oxy man.
  18. Yeah, you\'re missing a stong opiate, grab up some oxys.
  19. yanz



    jack daniels
  20. 2 doses of thizz and chronic is all i need
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