what drugs hedrix, lennen and all dead rockers missed

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  1. it sucks to think that the first avid trippers died before they could experience certian trips. i highly doubt they ever got ahold of DMT or salvia. they mostly dropped acid. i dont even think they did shrooms
  2. Hendrix + research chemicals >

  3. :confused:
  4. >

    Greater than.

    Leaving the other side empty implies that Hendrix + research chemicals would have been "greater than" absolutely anything else you could think to put on the right side. :rolleyes:
  5. and mdma of course the most euphoric drug out there imo
  6. Meh. Sure it would have shown them a good time but I don't think any better music would have come out of it.
  7. hendrix*
    not hedrix.

    sorry to correct you if you didn't mean to spell his name like that.
  8. Lennon*

    Besides rc, dob, dxm, almost everything besides acid/mushies, you can't forget they're are no missing out on bud way more potent then they were used too!
  9. Many of the 'psychedelic' artists, specifically Jim Morrison, definitely took mescaline and mushrooms, seeing as they were legal until around the time LSD became illegal as well.

    And for anyone who has "The Doors", it's obvious mescaline heavily influenced Morrison's music and lyrics.
  10. they ate plenty of mushrooms from what i remember
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    I believe if Hendrix moved on to more powerful psychedelics he would of delved into a realm of guitar playing that is still untouched to this day.. I was playing my guitar on 2ce and came to this conclusion.
  12. the beatles acually ate mushrooms in mexico with maria sabina
  13. Do you think in the future we will be missing out on greater drugs that our kids will be getin high from....
  14. Exactly! I was playing on 4-HO-DiPT and had the exact same thought.
  15. I don't think they missed jack shit.

    They tripped balls on the best acid around at the time, which is FAR better than what we have around today, and took shrooms, while smoking copius amounts... Nope nothin missed to me.

    oh i guess they missed snorting xanax and the 2C family of drugs lol.
  16. I don't think you even know what your talking about.
  17. How do the DiPT RCs affect your perception of sound? Does the distortion make it easier or more difficult to play? I can imagine it could create incredible audio hallucinations, similar to the multi-colored visuals characteristic of more common psychedelics.
  18. Well I've only had that one experience with a DiPT compound and I took 70 mgs (max Shulgin ever tested was 25mg) so.....I don't know lol.

    All I know is I was bathing in rainbows playing along with 1983, improvising my own riffs, and I truly felt that I was showing Hendrix up at his own game (which is saying A LOT considering the respect I have for Hendrix and his style.)

    It's hard to even describe the way things were. Nothing sounded the same, surely, but nothing was the same to any of my other senses either so it didn't stick out too much to me.
  19. bathing ina rainbows eh? sounds like something i should triy.
  20. Word. :cool:

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