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What Drugs do you do?(poll)

Discussion in 'General' started by BobbyBanana404, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. I was just wondering what drugs everyone did. Like do you strictly smoke weed. Do you do everything. Also for the sake of the poll I'm not gonna consider caffeine and cigs a drug.
  2. I only smoke weed now. I might try lsd, shrooms or X later but not any time soon
  3. I smoke mary jane, and on occasion I have fun with prescription pain pills, but I don't purchase them. DXM is nice on a rare occasion, and if I could I'd take lsd every day.

    But its a good thing I can't :d
  4. I chose the option weed and legal shit because its mainely weed/alch for me.

    But i eat shrooms and pop pills here n there.

    Used to do alot more.
  5. natural only for me, buds and shrooms...
  6. weed, coke, dxm, alch, x, shrooms, opium. i wanna try a few more but never wanna touch heroin, crack or meth.
  7. Your poll is so outdated...wheres the Acid,shrooms,XTC since two out of three stoners admit to taking two out of three of this so called choices...It can never be all three though now thats a stoner canundrum:confused:
  8. Dude just chill(something tells me ur being an ass just cause u don't like the thread maker). The Poll options fit to about 95% of people.
  9. I was just making a suggestion...who said I didnt like you I like everybody on GC:D
  10. Its not that, mrtwomuchskill is a real straight up guy and alot of people dont know how to take him. He dont be nuttin by it.
  11. shrooms, acid, coke, dxm, alcohol, tobacco, ecstacy, salvia
    soon: k, 2c-i, who knows what else...
  12. Gotta say, I love alcohol. Malt liqour specifcally.

    Rip a 40 of steel reserve 211 HG in 45 minutes jus now and been smokin. Feel real good and relaxed wanna smile and laugh at the busters who stress me out, Fuck them, Ima move on up and show whos boss.

    Bout to rip another 40. :)
  13. Lets see weed,alcohol,
    XTC(If I can find some pure molly),
    shrooms(when I grow some)
    and cigarettes if I'm drinking if I'm not then only bud.
  14. cmon now who said they dont do any?
  15. I was thinking the same thing. I shoulda made the poll public but i forgot and now it's to late.
  16. lol all you guy stick to the common stuff. Anyone do any wierd obscure drugs? I've tried lions tail, not to get high, but more to see what its like, and I'll tell ya my dreams have never seemed so real. I'm growing all kinds of other interesting plants, like syrian rue, morning glorys, and salvia (obv.) lol
  17. Nowadays, I just smoke weed and drink beer; liquor very rarely.

    I have a friend that does all that stuff all the time. Yesterday he blew $75 at the Vitamin Store. He got lots of Kava Kava, 5-htp, whatever the precurser to dopamine is, and a bunch of other stuff. He's a fucking Erowid dictionary.
  18. i stick to alcohol, mj, and shrooms (aderall when im at school and need to focus)
    but ive done dmx, coke, salvia, rx pills, many legal herbs...all of which except dxm were a waste of money
    for the legal herbs..kona kava, syrian rue, damiana, opium lettuce, blue lotus pedals...all of which were a complete waste of time and money
    although i made myself a mix of the damiana, opium lettuce, and blue lotus pedals and like the above poster my dreams were vivid and more clear
  19. Well luckly only one person voted none. Also why would you join this forum if you don't smoke weed.
  20. I smoke weed but it's fucking hard to get any since I don't have any connects. I rarely drink. I want to try shrooms a few more times, I've only tried it once but it's not something I would regularly do. If I ever come accross X, I might try it once, but not more than that. And that's as far as I will go with drugs.

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