what drug makes you most social?

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  1. Well shit ive been having trouble talking in class lately, it seems like im only social on coke and i hate that because i cant really afford it now with no job, what are other drugs that will make me more social without looking totally fucked up, i heard adderal is good for it but what do you guys think?
  2. Adderall makes me pretty social.
  3. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
  4. no shit..
  5. low dose of heroin.
  6. ecstasy,alcohol,weed
  7. adderall definately does make me social i can talk forever on adderall
  8. how many do you usually take of what mg?
    i heard 3 will do you good, think i might cop 3 for my first time.
  9. i mean it just depends on you and if you have ever taken them i take one and i feel pretty good and social. i take 2 and i feel social and trippy

    most of the time i take like 40mg or 60mg
  10. on X, im everyone's friend at the party :D
  11. alcohol and adderall
  12. Adderall is good, but I prefer xanax.
  13. xanax makes me too social for my own good
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    Go to your doctor and tell him/her you think you have Social Anxiety. You'll get some tests to take and if you have it they'll write you a script for it that will make you a social butterfly without feeling high (you might probably not but might get a little buzz the first few times taking it depending on the medication). This is the safest way plus it's legal.
  15. Really? Do you know what meds?
  16. MDMA or alcohol.
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    Not off the top of my head. Google Social Anxiety and look for treatment. They DO give out benzos but only as a last resort. I do not recommend lying about this just to get pills.
  18. Mdma....but it's so bad for you in long term use! Ugh.

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