What drug is safest to take on a regular basis?

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  1. So lets say you can no longer smoke marijuana. ever. just can't. What would you take for a nice high on a regular basis. maybe a couple times a week or whatever. The idea being that it's enjoyable, but won't fuck you up/get you addicted like crazy from using that much. in your opinion.

    oh, and do try to explain why, if posible.
  2. honestly, i wouldnt take any other drug. (on a regular basis)
  3. lol weed.

    But for some horrible reason you did have to quit smoking forever, im sorry. I sympathize greatly. I couldnt imagine...

    Anyways somthing els eyou could do once in a bit for fun? dxm possibly? for over a 2 month period i did dxm no less that 3 times a week (imo way too much) and saw no negative effects when i came off the binge as far as withdrawls both physical and mental. neither existed although i did want to throw back a few capsule (of dxm freebase pwder, my preffered method of use) every now and then but i still do enjoy a good dex trip very seldom tho.

    maybe go out and get wasted with some mates on a weekend but i cant really suggest a drug that you can do habitually without getting hooked or somewhat dependant.

    Mix it up if your high on a diff drug all the time you cant get addicted right???;)
  4. Caffeine ?

    We do it already.
  5. Well if I couldn't smoke it, I would eat it. If I couldn't use marijuana in any way then on a regular/daily basis...nothing. Maybe I would mix it up a bit and not make it daily but no drug comes close to weed.
  6. booze... or khat idk what khat is but i guess its not very addictive
  7. mushrooms maybe?.. i could see that turning you into a looney though if you were eating mushies at the same rate most of us smoke weed.

    there's not a lot of drugs out there that are safe to do like herb.
  8. i would say if you did lsld like 2 or 3 times a week it would seem pretty regular and that wouldnt hurt ya at all.
  9. HBWS, Legal High's, possibly DXM, acid, to many to name.
  10. After I was put on Probation back in 08' I kinda went on a DXM binge(and I mean I was on it 24/7)...ttok about 900mg the last time but it wasn't very fun at that dosage.

    but if I could go back and do it again...I would have just become a drunk for six months.
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    there really is no drug but if i had to im gonna say cocaine

    no its not that safe but its not physically addicting (yes it is mentally) most people consider coke somewhere in the realm between hard and soft drug... thats why its not usually included when people are like "the worst drugs out there are crack H and meth"

    Heroin and meth will lead to more problems imo

    nobody would wanna do phycs everyday

    and rolling everyday would get very tiring

    but in all reality weed is the only drug you can do everyday and not have consequences

    EDIT: or you could booze everyday
  12. I agree, marijuana is the only drug that I haven't had consequences either. LSD isn't addicting(I don't believe) but you'd be in one big mindfuck doing it everyday,
  13. Man no drug is really okay to do everyday. its all about the moderation
  14. im amazed at all your responses, if you guys think taking alcohol, coke, dxm and psychedelics on a regular basis is safe, your idea of safety differs from mine. caffeine is pretty safe, but i would say Kava Kava (not addictive) or kratom (addictive, but not if you only use it a couple times a week).

  15. reread my post i never said it was safe... just safer than some other drugs
  16. im just saying none of those drugs are safe... just because cocaine maybe safer than some other hard drug doesnt mean it should be mentioned in this thread. seriously think about the title of the thread and then think about cocaine and if it really belongs in the thread. and that goes for all the other drugs you people mentioned. most drugs arent safe to take on regular basis, with the exception of begnin shit like caffeine, kava kava and reasonable amounts of kratom.
  17. Fuckin' white girl, straight up. It's not that bad really, if I could do it everyday I would it's just too expensive.
  18. You said booze was one of the drugs you could do everyday without serious consequences...that's just straight up wrong. I'd rather keep my liver and brain healthy. Anyways, who wants to risk going through one of the worst withdrawals of all time...chronic alcohol withdrawal. Yeah, not a good idea to risk that.
  19. Nothing is safe everyday guys.

    The people on here offering up options are NOT saying these drugs are safe. They are more producing a scale in which the question is "what is next after weed."

    I quit smoking because honestly, it had a hold on my life. So I substituted it for adderall. lol. Not sure if thats any better, I actually think it's a lot worse. haha.

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