What Dreams May Come

Discussion in 'Movies' started by TrueCast, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I remembered watching this movie when I was young and thought it would be an awesome movie to see stoned with the g/f. I could not have been more right.

    The mind-blowing visuals accompanied by pseudo-religious/philosophical dialogue turned this movie into some kind of super candy for the mind. I was emotionally convinced by Robin Williams performance.

    Now, for some of you guys this will seem like some kind of chick flick, but you'd be stealing from yourself an opportunity to see a great great film baked. Get past the romance and despair, and you'll enjoy it. I definitely recommend it to anyone, especially those trying to find a good movie to watch with the g/f.
  2. I have this movie in my room, but I haven't seen it in ages. I got it because I remembered it, and figured it would be good to watch while stoned. I guess I will have to check it out, thanks...
  3. I thought the same thing, would be crazy baked. Turned out to be a horrible movie, so much tackiness and dribble. I was completely gone and it still wasnt even that great. For robin williams I would go with live on broadway.

    edit: The way the son chose to be a big black guy and the daughter a chinese business woman made me lawl :)
  4. Yeah, this was one of those movies that I really looked foward to seeing, had a great idea behind and good actors as well.

    But as ^^ Mustard Tiger above said. "Turned out to be a horrible movie". I was pretty disapointed when I saw it.

    Maybee i'll give it another try though, since it was a long time ago that I watched it.

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