what drank to get

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  1. Burnett's Vodka. Cheap, strong, and it goes down easy.
  2. i wholeheartedly reccomend Mad dog 20/20 if you can find it.

    SHIT is SO DELCIOUS and there are dozens of great flavors..best part ITS ONLY 5 BUCKS you'll get wasted BUY THIS


    you won't regret, sir
  3. Go cheap, Whiskey will make ya frisky.

    R & R whiskey and coke if you can't handle it.

    Vodka is alright, but expensive.

    Mikes hard lemonade is amazing, but expensive.

    If you don't enjoy the taste of any type of alcohol, monster is a great chaser.
  4. I'm thinking about vodka probably because thats the only thing I have any experience with. Maybe whiskey or rum too. Thanks for the replies.

    Can someone give me the rundown on sizes and general price for each size? If there isn't a general price then don't bother answering it
  5. its £10 here for a litre of vodka or £12 for 24 440ml cans of carling... o shit dis is for america doesnt matter then haha
  6. Burnett's Vodka is $9.99 a bottle. 35% alcohol. I hate most alcohol, but this stuff goes down fairly easy.
  7. LoL!!! Priceless...

    My question is...They have RC in Canada?
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    cognac tastes disgusting, i think.
    however, you might like firefly-- sweet tea flavored vodka.
    theres an off-brand too, its called jeremiah weed actually.
    so anyhow, firefly and water...
    tastes just like sweet tea and drinking it with water helps keep you hydrated.
    in turn, you might avoid a nasty hangover the next day.

    ps if u mix it with lemonade or sours, it tastes like snapple :]
  9. hennesey and alise, hulk it up dude!
  10. If she doesn't like alchohol, vodka and energy drink. Kills all alchoholic taste.
    If she likes beer, buy an 18 pack or something.
    If she can handle her shit get tequila.
  11. Can't go wrong with blueberry Smirnoff. In my experiences, the ladies love it. And secretly, so do I.
  12. shit yeah! that is the best booze for your money by far
  13. my personal favorite

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