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  1. Whats a good alcoholic drink to get? I'm pretty noob when it comes to booze so I don't really know. Plan on splitting it with a chick who is a super lightweight. I don't even know the sizes or anything really, so any info would be greatly appreciated.
  2. You and the Captain make it happen

  3. skyy vodka with a nice fruit punch juice
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    If your drinking with a girl get a 26er of dry or lemon gin. You wont be able to drink it all but this way you wont run out. Mix it with juice or sprite. I wouldn't recommend drinking it straight.

    My drink of choice on any occasion is bourbon.
  5. captain and coke.

    can't go wrong.
  6. The Captain!
  7. Admiral Nelson and RC Cola just isn't the same


  8. eww wtf cognac dude??? haha just messin around

    Can't go wrong with a couple o' 40's, eh?
  9. you should get a pint of jack. or those girly smirnoff drinks.
  10. What the hell?

    RC cola comes in bottles?
  11. Baby, when you're rich everything comes in bottles
  12. colt 45 only a dollar
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    I guess they don't call it Royal Crown cola for nothing.

    OP do you like this girl or are you just drinking with her because you enjoy her company?
  14. if u like beers better, get a "girly" beer for her, like mikes hard lemonade, or that smirnoff ice stuff...
  15. I don't understand how people like Captain Morgan. It tastes and smells like gasoline, and makes me and a lot of people I know violently ill upon consumption. :confused::confused:
  16. gin and orange juice or gin and fresca. any light soda with gin. 7up, Ginger Ale. gin is the best and it fucks you up very nicely

    EDIT: theres no real alocohol bite to gin when its mixed fairly well, also try 3 vodka. YUMMY!!!
  17. i like vodka.

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