What Don't You Like About Ron Paul

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  1. This is for his supporters and his enemy's alike. I might vote for RP ( My first vote ever !) but honestly he seems like this too good to be true perfect candidate who makes no mistake. What policies or stances of his do you not agree with? I know he can't be perfect. This is all so I can make a more educated vote and see things from another perspective. Thanks ! :D:wave::smoking:
  2. I live in Oklahoma, so all of his "leave everything up to the states" responses to every question is kind of scary for me. I don't even want to think about what my state will turn into if they no longer have to follow any federal laws. Our state government is run by some real braindead cult-level conservative christians, and the last thing anybody needs is for those people to gain any more power.
    Plus, I have a feeling he's just going to piss off a LOT of congressmen on both sides of the aisle, and what we've been seeing the republicans do lately (folding their arms, stomping their feet and refusing to allow any progress to be made) will start happening on both sides, and the government will come to a screeching halt.
  3. I don't like how he is so honest. I mean, I agree with his policies and ideas, but I feel he comes off as too radical. You can't just go on Fox news and say you want to abolish the Department of Education and the Federal Reserve. I understand both are harmful institutions, but you have to lead people to that conclusion, because most Americans believe these are good things.

    Also, I feel he dropped the ball on the Iran debates, when he said we should let them get a nuclear weapon. Again, I know it is the least of our concerns, but you have to make voters believe you are concerned about terrorism.
  4. I don't like the fact that there is only one of him.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAZFNgrTcBo]Ron Paul Schools Bill Maher - YouTube[/ame]
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  5. Haha, I don't live in Oklahoma so that's why I like his states' rights stance. :D

    States' rights isolates and contains the influence of retards.
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    I live in tennessee and we have the headquarters of 7 different church doctrines, despite this I don't think that tennessee could do a worst job than the federal government is doing.

    under the states rights if your state does something bad that you dislike, you have many options. You can go protest at the state capital, which for many people, is a lot more convenient than having to go all of the way to washington d c to do so. it has the advantages of multiple states as well so even if you dislike what your state is currently doing, there is 49 others from which to choose.

    Some states or more socialistic than others, while some are more religious, and some are just conservative. such a large population of our country, and also as diverse, will continue to suffer under a centralized government, quite simply because nobody is happy with the current setup. states rights would fix a lot of this bullshit.

    the 1 thing I don't like about ron paul has got to be his public speaking still. I have mixed feelings about the department of education and stuff like that. but he really needs to work on his public speaking lol.

    if there is any awkward sentences or things that don't make sense, is because I'm using a voice to text program and sometimes it's not 100 percent accurate
  7. I wouldn't say RP schooled Maur, he just got more words in, and made more sense.
  8. Yeah the whole thing about being honest and speaking the truth about what really needs to be done isn't the best strategy for winning over the average American :(

    The Ron Paul campaign might need to do some lieing and swindling to get elected, being truthful and honest isn't what the sheeple of America are used to or expect.
  9. and gave him a history lesson.. which is a schooling. Mahr tried to hit him with the typical "republicans are stupid" questions, and it failed miserably.

    the only thing that bothers me about Paul, is his whole religious thing and the abortion thing.. but that's petty stuff when you look at the big picture.

  10. The religious thing is my biggest concern with him.
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    As far as presidential status goes, I don't disagree with him. He is a constitutionalist and I think that's exactly where we should be.

    As far as him as a governor (if he were in my state) I disagree with his abortion policy. I think states could set up their own boards of education, etc, if they decide to, and we could see more clearly how things like that work out. Plus that would lead to competition among government run organizations between the states.

    BTW...just in...RP in second at the straw poll. Second to Bachmann of all people. lol
  12. Many things.. But he's very against abortion, yet has a message that (only federal?) government shouldn't interfere with people's personal lives. Also he defends his views on the abortion topic with eye rolling religious ideology.

    I like a president who would admit he was wrong when he is, and is open about saying that he changed his mind on a topic. Categorizing your voting history and mention of remarks that appear to be consistent can be a means to concealing 'playing both sides of the fence'. Basically I think Ron Paul has very little duty to the truth.

  13. Fucking Bachmann.....my god.
  14. He is def a bit of a nut job when it comes to religion but when it comes down to politics it doesnt reallynget much better

  15. Yeah, he's against abortion, but he's always responding truthfully when asked about what he believes in-- but never pushes that into becoming federal law.

    I am for abortion, up until 49 days (my own reasons, not going to derail).

    He has more duty to the truth than any other President in the last 40 years.

    What don't I like about Ron Paul?
    Nothing! He's a stand up guy... all these years.
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    I feel you. I'm in Kansas, not much give for forward thinking here.
  17. I dont agree with his stance on immigration, I'm more along the lines of basically opening up citizenship to anyone without a history of violent crime and granting amnesty to those already here.

    I also believe in socialized medicine, I'd like to see a system along the lines of France's. (lived there for 6 years, worked great)

    But the way I see it, if he managed to slash the defense budget, close all these bases, kill the IRS etc. etc. etc. we'll maybe eventually have the money to pay for a real healthcare (not to mention education) system like the rest of the industrialized world.
  18. I like most of his ideas except religion, abortion, and immigration otherwise everything else is fine with me he's defiantly the best choice for the GOP nominee imo.
  19. Here's the thing about Ron Paul and religion: It DOESN'T MATTER how HE feels about religion, because his passion for individual liberty will allow YOU to do whatever you want without any influence from him.

    Also doubt abortions will become history if he became President, he just wouldn't support government funding of it. He actually wouldn't support government funding of...anything. Completely free market society.

    If you believe in ending useless wars and individual freedom, there isn't anything to dislike. Get over his age.
  20. what are people thinking?

    All this woman has to say is "i'm for smaller government and i'm w/ the tea party" and the idiots vote for her..
    why does no one bother looking at the records of these politicians before voting?

    If Bachman gets the nomination, then prepare for 4 more years of bush/obama..

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