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What Does Your Weed Come In?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Too high to care, May 30, 2013.

  1. Mine comes in like a baggie.

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    mine just magically grows on branches n shit... weird I know
  3. Got an oz of purple kush today, It was in a plastic bag with a label on it, the label said the strain and 28.2 grams, the baggie was in a tupperware container. 
    Gotta love dispensary bud.
  4. It depends. If you're buying a blunt or a joint, your weed will come wrapped in that and probably in a bag or if your joints are rolled with cigar wrappers, it'' probably be in the bag that the cigars came in. If you're just buying weed as is, it'll come in a small baggie with a little seal strip at the top. This baggie hold up to about 3.5 grams, and a lot of times it's plain or it can have designs on it, such as marijuana leaves, batman symbols, stars, hearts, crosses, literally any design. 
  5. Mine comes in plastic prescription bottles. Baggies are so old school today.
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    A baggie.
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    A mason jar. I think that's the name of the jar or if I get it from the med shop it comes in a plastic pill like container.
    Edit prescription bottle I don't know why I couldn't think of the name lol.
  8. mine comes in a closet
  9. ziploc baggie for flowers, parchment paper for oils
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    they got you for .3 my dude......if i paid a full zip from a club it better be on point. Just lookin out.
    My buds go from branches to jars.
  11. Plastic Prescription bottle

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  12. I'm not stressing about it. When I buy from normal dealers it is usually 28 even, and considering that I am not a legal MMJ patient I'm so happy about getting the medical bud that anything over 28 is just gravy. 
  13. my dealer punches me in the face and pulls it out of my left ear
  14. My weed comes in a bag.  Oil in a plastic vial. 
  15. A wide mouth mason jar for flowers, and folded up parchment paper for oils
  16. i recieve the whole stick, fuck it i get to pick it my self too i can snap off a branch n buy it with the leaves n every thing
  17. I used to buy grams at a time (I'm new, I can make it last lol) but now that I've bought an eighth it came in an airtight pill bottle.
  18. It depends. When I buy from my caregiver it comes in bags labeled with the strain name on them. If I buy from other patients I sometimes have to use a pill bottle or something else that I usually bring along. 
  19. I usually get a gram at a time. I like using cellophane wrappers.

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