What does your state rank? (hope you're not in GA!)

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  1. California is the 4th in least corrupt states

  2. Wow doesn't surprise me.

  3. Now lets get Paul a win in June
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSF6hh2QlCg]RAY CHARLES - Georgia On My Mind - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Surprised Illinois didnt make it on there
  6. Haha im in the shitty common wealth of va. Im glad im moving in about 6 months
  7. Well then.

    I hate the state I'm currently in. Fuck the damn peach state.

    #1? haha, Wow. What an honor!
  8. fuck georgia in the ass with a splintered blunt pole. with rusted nails and poisoned tips.

    seriously. its not even about the crime, its ALL ABOUT money.
    ga isnt as poor as it makes itself out to be either...
    there are just WAY to many shady people that run that state. i shall say no more on that subject.
  9. Ya I dislike living here
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    I'm suspecting corruption in the making of this list, how the hell did NJ get #1 least corrupt?:confused_2:
  11. I don't think D.C. even has anti-corruption laws-it seems like, at any given time, at least one city official is under investigation for ethics violations.
  12. I don't know where my state ranks on that list... Probably somewhere in the middle. Our legislature is more clueless then it is corrupt.

    We do, however, consistenly rank in the top 5 for education, unemployment, health, air quality, and personal freedoms.

    Fucking liberals!
  13. Georgia politics is really bad even on the city level.

    Used to live in a fairly large city in Georgia, and my neighbor was on the city council for 1 term. He quit after his 1 term because he claimed that the other city council members, and the mayor were constantly doing backroom deals.
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    It's a ranking of the potential for corruption.

    I found this list from 2010 based on crime: Most Corrupt States

    Wyoming is 2nd in potentiality, 48th in reality. GA is #11.

    Edit: not sure how to read my list...
  15. Yep! Im goin with this! Blagos attempt at selling Obamas senate seat. Georgy boy sellin trucking licenses white end with a family dying in a fatal crash. Definitely should of been in the top 3! Police Sgt. Drew Peterson murders and covers up said murders of 2 wifes.. maybe top 2! Reselling burial plots and burring multiple bodies in one grave.. perhaps 1st? Im sure someone else can think of a reason Illinois should have been #1.
  16. North Carolina is number 5 on that and im not suprised at all. I also live 30 mins from the tennesse border which is number 1, needless to say I have never liked tennesse.
  17. California not corrupt? Haha.
    Ill never forgive this state after they approved the DREAM act.
  18. Yeah guess I'm unlucky lol Georgia here!

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