What Does Your Penis Look Like, Specifically?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Tastytrichomes, Jun 15, 2013.

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    mine is about 3 in soft, 7 in erect
    got a faint vein that twists around the left side of it (from my perspective)
    on the left/underside there is a patch of darker skin that kinda fades into the rest of my skin pigment on my shaft
    not too thick, bout normal
    about average looking i'd say
    and i don't know what it tastes like but ladies you're more than welcome to find out!

  2. this would be such an awkward conversation in real life. Especially with strangers.
  3. Now this is a thread I can get down with. Im down for dick pics.
    but its the internet and pretty much anything goes.
    dick pic 4 tit pic
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  7. yo come on guys tell me about your cocks
  8. they say a pictures worth a thousand words.

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  9. [​IMG]
  10. I've been told I have 'the prettiest penis ever'. I'll take it. I guess it does look pretty nice, no weird moles or scars or discolorations... it is penis-perfection.
    That gif is terrifying. Like i could probably get nightmares from that shit.
  12. Well first off It's cold in the lobby I'm working in so not erect, It's not existent. Erect it's 7 inches. Circumcised, and on the wrinkly shit. (Is it still called foreskin?) Well whatever is left of it there's a scar that only I know is there from where I zipped it up. It sucked and marked the end of my free balling days. It's smooth. I shave it every week sometimes twice starting at the base of my shaft and up to the beginning of the I'll just call it foreskin. It's widest at the base about an inch and a half and progressively tapers off to the tip to about an inch and a third.

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  13. right on
  14. nightmares :eek:  nonsense in all the oldtimey movies they always said "We cum in peace"
  15. i've always wondered what tasties dick looks like.
    all my wildest dreams are coming true  :love:
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    Well you see,
    I lost my leg in the war.
    But it's alright. Bitches don't notice until we're in bed and they realize my leg is actually my dick.

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