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What does your nom-nom stash look like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeeDomain, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Seriously, we all show our fabulous pieces and amazing stashes of some ub3r 1337 h4x0r d4nk mary jye wanna, now how about showing our food collection stuffed away for when you're really baked?

    Here's mine. It's nothing too special.

    Items included:
    - x2 cans of pizza pringles (omg. Tasty birdy num-nums)

    - x2 packages of zebra cakes (This is not something you should eat like "numnumnumnum" more like NOM---NOM---NOM---NOM---NOM

    - x1 package of Little Debbie strawberry frosting rolls (you'll jizz your pants eating this when stoned, it's a good idea to wear a condom for it as well.)

    - x1 12-pack S'mores Pop-Tarts (No string of words or phrases can possibly describe how amazing this tastes.)

    - x1 6-pack of Cookies n' cream Pop-Tarts (See above for flavor description)

    Side note: I love how organized my bottom shelf is compared to the rest. Night and day dif.

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  2. I prefer to not have one. When I smoke it is usually at a party with a bunch of friends, but even when I do smoke alone, if I have something to eat, I just bought it. No reason to get high and eat yourself into a coma.
  3. whatever's in the cupboards
  4. Good lookin' stash haha. I'm now motivated to create a food stash.
  5. mmmm pizza pringles..

  6. There's like 20 of these threads already.

    I'm on a diet I fucking hate you lol
  7. I just bought some cosmic brownies.. I don't know why they are so good
  8. It's 1am here. My munch stash has depleted.
    Still smokin' though.:smoke:
  9. I have this shit for like a day and then my entire kitchen is empty

  10. God damnit I hate losing weight and working out for baseball and lacrosse :(
  11. alot of times i dont get too hungry. i usually drink a lot of caffeine before toking at night and i smoke so much that the munchies are surpassed. during the day, i just eat whatevers around or go buy something. so i dont usually have a stash. i got a good amount of molted milk balls atm though im not a huge fan.

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