what does weed smell like

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  1. I just smelled some black dude and he smelled weird idk if it was pot or what maybe he just had some marijuana cologne he was wearing but what does weed smell like I wasnt about to go ask the dude
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  3. some would agree that weed smells like a faint whiff of skunk. 
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  5. From Yahoo Answers:
    It's impossible to describe because there are thousands of strains of marijuana, and different strains have different smells. For the most part though, marijuana has a unique "thumbprint" to it.

    I can't really describe it, but when people say it smells like skunk, that's probably the closest they can get to it with actual words, and they're really talking about how it smells BEFORE it's smoked.

    It's like trying to tell someone who doesn't know what fresh-baked cookies smell like what fresh-baked cookies smells like. You just know.

    Basically, marijuana has no smell that I can relate to something most people would be familiar with. It's distinct. It DOES NOT smell like tobacco though. It smells wonderful :D

    If I could put it into words, it would be an oily herb smell. It lingers more than tobacco smoke in the air, and you'll know immediately that you're not smelling tobacco. Of course, we're talking about SMOKED marijuana, and not cured or fresh marijuana, which has hundreds of thousands of unique, unknown words to describe it (think of wine, and how many ways there are to describe the smell).

    The word "pungent" comes to mind, and that relates back to what I was saying about smelling like skunk. It's not nauseous like skunk, but it's a word used by smokers to describe both the bud (marijuana flower) and smell, so what they really mean is pungent.

    Some smell spicy, some like citrus, some like flowers, some have earth metal overtones, some like dirt, some smell like grass, some like burnt popcorn, some like fresh-mowed grass, etc.

    Basically, it's like nothing you have EVER smelled before.
  6. Same dude who asked if he can put weed on his pizza and get high...
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  7. It smells like dog farts, don't believe me smell your dogs ass and come back and tell us if that's how the black guy smelled or not.
  8. I'd say it smells like weed...
  9. Happiness
  10. Bend on over, keep going until your nose touches your asshole and inhale deeply.
  11. If you think it's weed, it's probably weed
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    Good god, so you were sitting on a bus stop, and just leaned over and sniffed some random person? WTF? I am probably mis-understanding.
      IDK how anyone can answer this question as cannabis has it's own unique scent in raw and in smoked form. You have to experience it to know.
    Marijuana cologne lol
  13. <sup>If you've smoked and truly enjoyed cannabis before, you'll definitely know what cannabis smells like. And if you've ever quit smoking cannabis for any reason, and attend a rock concert, chances are that you'll smell cannabis being smoked. And you'll want to get up out of your seat and yell out..."Let me have some of that !!"</sup>
  14. Smells of shame !
  15. Smells like God's vagina.
  16. Smells like Minotaur farts.
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    Nah for real you gotta smell it to believe it

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