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What does weed cost you per gram where your from

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by paqabowl, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. here where i live, timmins ontario, its 10/gram
  2. in london ontario 10$ a gram... 160-230 for an oz
  3. ya im guessing 10/gram is standard to ontario
  4. yea between 10-15 here in missouri. Depends on quality. But if you are buying only by the gram sometimes they will jack it to $20.

    always got to buy quantity.
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    Only kids and people looking to throw up on blunts, get dimes around here.

    5-10$'s. I wouldn't get one for 10 around here. You can get an eigth for 15-20 and a half zip for 50-60(I don't even have the connects where the prices can be 30-40 per zip:eek:). Basicly anyone slanging 10$ grams is making ALOT of money per gram around here.
  6. Ontario:
    gram - 10
    eighth - 30
    quarter - 55
    half - 90
    onion - 140
    QP - 525
    LB - 900

    that's prices I'm rollin with right now.
    To side-track a little bit, I have not once come across what I see other members calling mids, beasters, shwag. Only dank swingin around here!
  7. forreal? shit for some mids its 10 but some straight dank what i useally get is 20 a gram for like 350-400 an oz

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