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What does weed cost in the uk?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kushkid1, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Anybody know the general price of weed in the UK? Lets here some prices...
  2. LOL.

    I think its pretty expensive in the UK... like $400/oz. But check this out might help u, weed prices uk
  3. Its expensive, about £10 will get you 0.7Grams.

    Unless you buy off [DISCUSSION NOT ALLOWED HERE]
  4. If you find the right person, you get good deals, I get 1.5 for 10, and 3.0 for 20, not bad for SE london where all the dealers are greedy teens
  5. In the east i'm getting 1g for £10 pretty much any high grade. Every so often i'll get 1/8 for £20 and free samples ;) :bongin:
  6. It's pretty shitty prices unless you know people, average is around £10 a gram of some Mids..
  7. "£10 for 0.7" need a new dealer! i have £10 for 1.3 mid and £15 for 1g of high grade
  8. Off my dealer I get about 1g-1.2 for £10. Ounces around her go from around £230-250/60. Just looked that up and its about 394 dollars. Shit.
  9. Im up north in scotland and my mates only get 1.5 g's for £25, which is like $40

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