What does Tweeking mean?

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  1. What does tweeking feel like and what drugs make you tweek?
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    meth can def make you tweak

    i guess any speed could?
  3. amphetamine's in general i would assume. although most people associate tweeking with meth, at least that i've noticed. then again, those people couldnt tell the difference between someone on meth and someone on x so I guess that isn't the most accurate example.
  4. tweaking out on crack makes speed look like a nothing.

    but tweaking on anything is nothing a couple of benzos cant solve
  5. DEFINITELY don't agree with this statement. After extensive use of coke/crack/amphetamines/and meth few times, I would have to definitely say that tweaking on any amphetamine is way more intense than tweaking out on crack, simply because you are so unstoppably sped up and don't need to keep using more every 20 minutes and you have such a harder crash..

    And OP, tweaking is just being really really really sped up for days on uppers without any sleep.
  6. tweaking is more like being all up an paranoid for days,and idk if your doing crack you get pretty fucking tweaked out if your doing it long enough.

    but everyone's body is different
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    Yeah, everyone is different. I don't really tweak out or get paranoid from rock, but unlike powder or IV, it doesn't really do anything for me.

    IMO, I honestly don't see how that shit could be so addicting.

    Just after doing probably my body weight in various amphetamines and ~2 keys of coke, I feel like I know them inside out.
  8. are you a midget? cause thats a lot of amps LOL just bustin your balls man.
  9. lol damm bbro you must be getting some shitty rock,after one hit ppl are finding the fuck out for another.and ya you don't start getting paranoid till you do alot of it.

    i dont really get paranoid either but damm have i seen some paranoid ppl smoking rock,looking out the window every 3 seconds.

    cause once you get that one bellringing blast,you know why its addicting.
  10. basically all uppers can make you tweak my man. tweek (or tweak) is also the form of meth that you can blow/rail/snort (whatever term you prefer)
  11. Dude, I've gotten that train horn effect from slamming coke but never rock. I know it isn't bad either, because I made it up myself with a 1:1 coke/baking soda mix with the straight from the block shit I had for 4/20.

    Other people loved it and would hit me up about it like every hour, but even with a k-pin sized rock it wouldn't do shit other than bring my heart rate up, made me twitchy for 5-10mins and then leave me feeling shitty, no nice feeling at all.
  12. dude there's something wrong there,im not trying to be a dick but i mean a rock that big,that's like doing a 50 piece in one hit.

    and if your not feeling anything it could have not been made right unless your brain has a problem releasing dopamine.
  13. I was doing fat lines the entire time I was cooking it and waiting for it to dry man, and that shit got me skeeted but rock just doesn't do shit.

    I either blame cross tolerance between the amphetamines and/or my tolerance for coke at the time. It's the only answer I can come up with.
  14. a shitload of amps could do that to you

  15. hmm,it had to be something else,crack will always get you high,an a rock the size you did,would have a 40 year user blast in to space.

    are you sure it was the right amount of stuff you used cause it could have just been weak,cause i really don't understand why you wouldn't feel anything
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    Im pretty sure thats gotta be it. I'm glad I've been taking a break though, I don't need as nearly as much as I used too.

    EDIT: JH, amphetamines cause massive doses of serotonin, norepinepherine and dopamine to be release into the brain, compared to cocaine which merely slows the transfer of the dopamine in your DAT receptors.

    I was popping amphetamines every day for ~4 months, taking between 100-300mg+ a day up until a few weeks before. I may have just gotten so used to having that much dopamine in my shit to really feel it, I really don't know.

    Shooting it would work and snorting it would too, but rock just didn't ever do shit for me.
  17. it's an amps cross tolerance i'm almost sure....nothing else makes sense

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