what does this yellowing leafs mean?

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  1. hey i think im suffering frm nute lockout. i feed my plant with bloom booster once a week at half dose as its 5 weeks in flower and all of a sudden lots of leafs have gone yellow and are dying. new growth looks fine as do the buds but lots of older leaves especially from middle of plant have started yellowing and twisting. outdoor plant btw.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. You can't tell from just a leaf man, you need to put up a photo of the whole plant
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  3. 1457403434532.jpg

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  4. I had what looked very similiar to this on an outdoor plant and in my case it was bud worms. In chewing through different parts of plant they had chewd through some leaf stems, thereby killing individual leaves, leaving other parts of the plant in fine condition. Should still have plenty of bud thats fine in the end, u'll just have to pull worms off as u see them and pick out parts of plant that the little bastards ate and shat their way through IF thats what it is. Not purposing to know but like i said i had plant that looked very similiar and that was the issue in my case
  5. i have noticed green worms on it, but these yellow ones have no trace of worms no holes or anything

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  6. I know some people are going to disagree with this, so depending on the strain and other factors some yellowing during flowering can be perfectly normal... especially on lower branches and older leaves. A lot of the energy and nutrients is being diverted to the flowers and older parts of the plant take the hit for the good of the team. As long as my plant is otherwise healthy I don't worry about a couple of yellows a day when I'm heavy into flowering.

    That being said you still need to check for pests and make sure your pH and nutrients stay on target.

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