What does this quote mean?

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  1. I saw this quote from Bob Marley on a shirt today while I was shopping. It says something like "The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall." What does that mean? :confused:
  2. the more i guess people come into a deeper connection with each other the more the establishment is weakened.
  3. its mystic bullshit.

    same thing as the hippies who took leary seriously that they could find eternal peace in a square of paper.

    too bad smoking weed does nothing to alter the establishment.
  4. if Bob said it then it must be true
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    This song holds the awnser to the fall of babylon.

    The lyrics hold the key, Bob wrote it after reading the book of Isaih in the Bible, where the fall of Babylon is talked of in the bible.

    Leary created a generation of people that were opposite of what he was trying to achieve, that there really is somebody tending the light at the end of the tunnel. How many hippies do you see that are atheist?

    The awnser is alot.
  6. it basically means that people in the 70s were really cool and talked about weird shit but everyone acted like they understood it
  7. i think it's pretty obvious it means that as long as there are people out there going against the rules of the establishment, it's not quite established
  8. Regardless of the meaning, I think Bob accomplished his mission--He made us think.

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