What does this mean.

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  1. There's a girl living two doors down from me.. Anyway, every time I see her, she starts texting.. LOL.

    I walk out of my apartment, and head towards the elevator. If she happens to be there at the same time, and she see's me coming, she goes for the iphone...

    I wonder if she perceives me as a freak!!!
  2. It's funny just how opposite the origins of that reaction could be...

    On one hand, she could be thinking;

    "Oh crap, here comes that guy again... I better look busy, avoiding any and all interaction will be easier."

    ...But on the other, it could be more along the lines of;

    "Hey, here comes that guy again! I better look busy, so I seem more interesting, and don't look like a boring loser who no one wants to talk to.. (because I'm hoping he'll say hello *wink wink*)."

    I've seen it go both ways :p
  3. When I was really shy, I would do that when I saw a cute guy I knew a little but not very well. But, I would also do that if I didn't feel like talking to somebody and making conversation sooo not sure what to tell you :confused_2:
  4. Why do you write sooo much
  5. 3 options;

    she likes you
    she really doesn't like you

  6. Those are excellent ways of looking at it.. I do have a question though.. How can I tell the difference...?

    I suppose I should just try to talk to her.. LOL

  7. Why do you breathe so much.
  8. Whooooooooo (breath)

  9. So, as a guy, what should I do?
  10. yell "rar! I'm going to rape you!" and if she laughs she liked you and if she runs or maces you it wasn't meant to be
  11. Yes yes rape us all
  12. She's probably looking down at her phone thinking...

    "Alright, I've got 911 ready to be dialed. I still don't get why this guy is always following me around!"
  13. [quote name='"TinTizzy"']yell "rar! I'm going to rape you!" and if she laughs she liked you and if she runs or maces you it wasn't meant to be[/quote]

    Lmao nice this would be my best option. Id do it too if i was in ur shoes haha
  14. this man is a genius!! if you do this you will throw all the bs aside and know right off the bat whats up with this girl, i say take this advice. hella funny too, let us know her reaction

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