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  1. I see on a lot of seed sites saying "indoor flowering:50-60 days oudoor:September October" Are they saying when you grow outdoors from now you have to harvest in september or october? Why don't they just give you the flowering days instead of a month like they do the indoors? This is all very confusing to me. :confused:
  2. the seed companys are very often located in holland and are giving the approximate havest time if you plant in early spring, under dutch weather conditions, so if your anywhere other than holland, pay no heed to these estimations.
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  3. Well, i think weather changes in sept-oct so you cant really grow outdoors pas that time, the minimum growing temp is somewhere around 6 degrees celcius..
  4. Ahh okay it only starts to get cold in January here (weird weather nowadays) so for the rest of the year here it'll be pretty hot. So I guess it'd be cool if I planted sometime in may. Also is there a big difference in flowering time from indoors and outdoors? Like does it take longer to grow outdoors than indoors and how much longer should you wait before you harvest?
  5. This means it takes about 50 to 60 days from the start of flowering to harvesting.
    I grow outdoors only and find mine start to flower early August (mediterranean climate 38 deg. N). So I would harvest these about late Sep, which is about what happens.
  6. i wouldnt follow the packets directions i would just ask people living in your area
  7. That is, assuming that people growing MJ in your area have completely ignored Rule No. 1 - TELL NO-ONE.

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