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  1. I bought 3/8's from my dealer acouple days ago I text him just now and asked him if he could hook me up with a gram,and he responded back saying "Want me to let you hold one" is this a joke?

  2. Sounds like an offer to spot you cause he thinks you can't afford an 1/8th.Some dudes don't split off g's of weed. Too much risk, too little reward.
  3. I dunno... i would sell reggie nicks and dro G's all day. I'd even take change minus a coinstar fee lol.

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  4. Just go to dude and grab it, no biggie.
  5. I don't understand. You bought 3 8th bags, (10 grams ish) a few days ago, smoked/sold it all, and are now fiending for a gram?
  6. yeah sounds like he might front it to you. Sounds like a chill dude if he's offering to front you bud. Go for it man.
  7. Hey tool, he's talkin bout frontin it to you.

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  8. Sounds like your dude is black and so there might be a little bit of a language barrier.

    Just ask for clarification lol. Sounds like you've been texting him.
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    dude when you said "hook me up a gram" he figured u dont have the cash yet. he responded with letting u hold onto the bag for now, as in front it and pay him when u have money..

    tell him u have the cash already

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  10. wait wait wait, did you pay retail for 3 1/8ths?
  11. lol yeah dude for the price of 3 separate eighths (10.5 grams) you woulda got a better deal getting a quarter ounce plus an eighth

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    lmao, or 6 1/2 eighths 
  13. I think he means he can give you a gram now and you can pay later
  14. Just ask him. Try not to appear weak though.

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