What does this mean?

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  1. If you believe that a priest can talk to god and god can talk back to him, then yes, exorcisms are real. If you choose to accept that there is no God, then exorcisms are just as fake.
    Is the person saying this implying there is a god or no god?

  2. It's an implication that there is no god. "If you choose to accept" implies that what follows it is a true statement.
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    God's real bro. His name is Yahweh, and He loves you. Are 'exorcisms' real? I can't say, never seen someome possessed. Is God real? You gotta answer that yourself friend.Religion is a PERSONAL thing.sent from underneath my balls
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    Yahveh/Yahvé/Yahweh is the name of God for jewish people tho ..
    I think reality depends more on what actually is the case rather than what we may believe. Belief needs to be tuned to what is because what is doesn't usually give a rat's ass about what we believe.

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