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  1. so i have 4 bagseed hybrids I am growing and I have just removed 1 male out of the 4 out of the room (I just noticed it's balls lol) but the other 3 don't have any sign of male parts. BUT, they were all started at the exact same time... so does this mean there's a pretty good chance they're female? the male was medium sized but I have a HUGE wide mama in there with no balls yet.. there's also a smaller one.... and BTW they were topped about 2 weeks ago.. lol, thanks for the help dudes.

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    here's a pic (bad pic but still). should help you get the gist of the situation... I removed the back left plant.
  3. Do not worry, males do show before females, it isn't 100% especially if the bagseed are different strains phenos etc. But males will mature much faster so hopefully the slow-rollers will show you some pistils. Patience.

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