what does this look like?

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  1. This is my first grow, its outdoor. These are 23 days old. I saw a white bug one that i think was an aphid last week havent seen anymore since then tho. The other one has this white stuff on its leaves not sure what that is from.

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  2. Almost time for the big move.

    What else do u have growing in there
    with it - sucking away the poor weed plants nutes ???

    Out with them.

    It looks like Powdery Mildew.
    Are u in a rainy/humid climate ???

  3. Thanks. Im not sure what the other things are, they were really tiny when they came I thought they were roots coming out. Will get rid of them.
    For last few weeks it was humid and rainy but it should be hot and dry for the rest of the season. What should I do about the mildew?
  4. If its not too advanced, I recommend
    using Neem oil and a clean cloth.

    Keep it up for maintenance (U can get, or make sprays).


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