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what does the term "torch a bowl" mean

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by m4g3pr08, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. I hear it alot but i never understood what it meant. what does it mean?
  2. Its the opposite of cornering a bowl, if you know what cornering means...

    If not; torching the bowl means to light the entire bowl and take a huge hit, leaving very little green for the rest of the smokers youre smoking with. Its taboo when smoking a bong/bowl with friends. Torch the bowl and there will be a lot of unhappy tokers...

    You should corner the bowl instead. That means only lighting a certain part ("corner") of the bowl so that there is still plenty of green to go around.
  3. When you burn all the greens in 1 hit.
  4. I think it can mean one of the two meanings:

    A.) Start to light a bowl. (A Bowl is a smoking device if you didn't know that either.)
    B.) Lighting all of the weed in the bowl, which ruins it for everyone else, because now the top of the weed is all black. What you would do to prevent this is to light one of the sides of the weed, so it doesn't set all of your weed on fire.

    Hope I helped.
  5. it's like cashing the bowl in one hit...bad =/
  6. lol. i understand this was a noob question. i havent been smoking for too long. :smoke:
  7. no worries, you'll catch on to the lingo ;)

  8. Don't worry about it. that's what were here for :) helping out the new tokers. Better to ask and know your shit then to be clueless and make a fool of yourself. A lot of these things will come with time also, you'll learn the ropes soon enough.

    Good luck in your future of smoking :wave:
  9. Torching the bowl isn't nessairly taboo. In my circle who ever packs it, gets greens, we dont corner.

  10. If you corner the bowl right everyone should be able to get greens.

  11. Agreed, better to be made fun of here than in person! more fun for me too!
  12. ^^^
    I don't think you'll get made fun of here, they made the apprentice tokers section for these reasons :) spread the good tokin knowledge to everyone.

    Well you still get greens either way if you corner it so really your just kinda wasting the good buds. I have no problem sharing greens with my friends its just courtesy to let others get the nice taste of green while you still do also. Why not just half it atleast :confused_2: just light half the green, you still get a good cherry afterwards and less smoke to be wasted in the air.

    Honestly i wouldn't like being a part of your circle that much but then again thats just me.
  13. I'm not saying we cant corner, and I'm not saying that it's not a good idea, it's just every group of people have different ways to smoke. I doubt any of my friends have, or even know what cronering is actually. It's just not a popular thing around here. I never even heard of it until I came on these fourms. I wouldn't want you to be part of our circle anyway. We still get high, so it dosn't really matter. I don't think the weed tastes bad until it gets mostly ash anyway.
  14. we sometimes will tell the next in the circle they SHOULD torch it, as in when there is only one hit remaining. its usually like a "dont feel bad, take the rest, theres really only 1.5 hits left on it, dont try to save any" kinda thing. if you 'torch' a new bowl, yeah thats a no-no
  15. Ya. I have some friends who smoke like this. Like whoever is putting out most gets greens first. (ie:smoking place, weed, piece, munchies.)

    But generally, it's almost murder is you don't corner.

  16. Obviously everyone still gets high :) but being more efficient with bud could never hurt. I don't take offense to you not wanting me to be in your circle because i don't even know you. You pretty much just told me you don't want me in your circle because i like to corner my bowls. I didn't say anything offensive but it seems you kinda took it that way.
  17. Nah im just fuckin around. And yea, being more efficient couldn't hurt, but I smoke at their houses, and I'm not going to go try and change the way they smoke. I suppose it couldn't hurt to suggest it but I never remember.

  18. Its cool man. But i would just try and get them used to it. It will make your bowls last longer and get more out of your weed. In other places if you torch a bowl then good luck getting to smoke with them again because a lot of people its just customary to corner, or at least with my friends we usually just half it. Light half the greens and its more then enough cherry to get a good clean hit. Well either way good luck with remembering to tell your friends about it and im sure if they're chill people they wont take offense to you telling them about cornering.

  19. Agrred, You should just be like "Hey man you should 1/4 or only burn half the bowl so we both get some green weed man. Then we will take turns on who gets first greens next"

    It works every time i have a noob smoker who torches it all. :/ Gota learn some how. And also tell them about Grasscity.

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