What does the future hold for stoners

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by xero_gravity, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. I wonder what the future has in store for all of us stoners? There have been some dramatic steps towards the legalization of marijuana but will it pull through. I think we don't stand a chance as long as uptight daddy's boy bush is still in office. However i hold high hopes that we will get a president who can actually think for himself and have the balls to take a stand for what he believes in.
    Will the war on drugs be an everlasting battle that is doing more harm than good? Police are finally getting tired of this so called "war" but i think the government gets off on this kind of stuff. Not to mention, how much government funding goes into this war? I'm not sure of the exact amount but i know its a good quantity of tax payers money.
    I hope that it will soon end and people will realize marijuana does more god than harm.
    Please let me know what you think the future has in store for us stoners.
    Peace and Love
  2. Was this really a question? Ok well how the government goes in the US i can't really say if i think it will be legal or not soon, or in my lifetime. I do belive it will be legal before the end of the world and everyone dies though. I have really bad luck so just because of me i don't see it being legal while i'm still alive. Ummm maybe i should kill myself for the better of the people.
  3. Give it 5 years and I think it will be legal here - UK

    In license premises though - like Amsterdam etc.

    But, we have often gone to the park and smoked and no-one has even looked twice at us. It can only become more liberal from that!
  4. we win.

    It has been prophesised.

    but many will fall yet before our goal is met.

    Hye adam g have you heard about the Dutch experience Stockport and the Dutch Experience Bournemouth? and many others are opening too.
  5. What does the future hold? That is a hard question any way you tackle it. I hope that the future holds even more weed for this little stoner. ;)

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