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What does the bud look like when its ready to be harvested?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by HeatoN, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Just started my 12 hour light cycle about 2 weeks ago and have determined/removed the males from the group. I am left with two plants which are rapidly developing hairs in all of the joints. I'm curious as to how developed the buds are going to look before they are ready to be picked.

  2. you will need some sort of magnification device so you can see the trichomes on the buds. once they are all cloudy, you're ready to chop.

    some will say to go by the hairs turning red, but that is wrong.

    you're probably gonna have a good 9 week wait depending on the strain.
  3. So after a little research i discovered that trichome means hair. When you say that the trichome will become "cloudy" are you talking about the little bulb on the end of the stem of the hair. And if my description of the trichome sounds misguided please feel free to correct me on that.
  4. Trichomes are the little crystals on the plant, and you cant see them with the naked eye, so get your self a 30x magnifying glass and look at the trichomes to see if they are clear, foggy or amber. when about 50-80% of the trichs have become amber then it's time to harvest.
  5. You're right, you want to look at the end of the trichome. Harvesting when they are mostly cloudy will give you an Up high and harvesting when mostly amber will give you a couchlock/stone.
  6. you totally can see them with the naked eye, but just not well enough to tell whether they're clear or cloudy.

  7. This will give you a more "couch-lock" type of feel, which many people tend to like.

    Yes, you can see them with your naked eye after they're fully developed. It's easier to tell the difference between cloudy/amber(orange-ish) trichs, compared to clear/cloudy ones.

    I have a thread going in the Grow Journals section about my Nirvana Bubblelicious plant that is 6.5 weeks from switching the lights to 12/12. I still have about 3.5 weeks left, but you get the general idea...
  8. Anytime someone asks this question, post this:
  9. Hey guys I am a fairly new grower myself, I have a small setup, Got a grow tent 400 watt Ballast with hood, air cooled, HPS and MH bulbs, soil Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, Exhaust Fan, got the whole setup between sites such as Craigslist, and EBay. I am only growing 1-2 plants at a time, as it is all for me. But look those sites up for a magnifier, I got a 30X magnifier for $3.50. Yeah I finally am going to grow some good WW seeds, been just practicing with bag seeds, as I did not want to ruin bought ones. The Strains I grew from bag seeds, not sure what strain, were far better than the original. But yes get a magnifying glass. Mine was made for jewelers, but it works!
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    Trichomes are the crystals Pistols are the hairs
    the trichomes look look like a sugar frosting on the buds and the small leafs get a pocket microscope if you are in the states wall mart and Radio shack have them really cheap get at least 30x when the crystals turn depending on the high you want This what you are looking for Is 50% cloudy 50 clear for more of a up hyper buz 80% cloudy 20% amber more of a body stone I tend to harvest at 80% 20% for a couch lock stone But it personal taste but usually the more cloudy the better try get as close to 100% cloudy Its not possible to g100% but as close as possible don't let them get too much amber its degrading THC Hope this helps you
  11. I reccomend buying a pocket sized microscope on Amazon, mine was like 3$. And it was well worth it because the cold made my last harvest take extra long to turn from cloudy to amber triches. ya, just buy one and dont think twice.

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