what does the box say on orders from gc

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  1. i sort of dont have any address right now so i sent an order from here to my aunts,and she may give me some shit if it says grasscity.com on it.

    so what do the boxes say when they get to you?
  2. return name just says SJ, n its a regular brown box
  3. She will definitely give you shit.

    Unless you order a color changing glass piece, which is shipped within the U.S., then you're going to have some issues because U.S. customs will list the contents of the box after they go through it.

    Depending on how legibly the person who reviews your package writes, you may or may not be able to make things out on the customs label like "glass pipe" or "waterpipe."

  4. ^^I've never heard anyone having trouble with this from GC....

    Or ANY trouble with GC packaging for that matter.
  5. hmm.that didnt happen to my friend when he ordered from headshop.com.but thanks for giving me a heads up.

    thanks you guys.
  6. it goes through customs and gets labeled. i had to pick it up at the post office and the guy had the good graces to read the label out loud. "one acrylic waterpipe with screens?"
    the entire post office looked right at me.

    anyway yeah, shit gets labeled so watch it.
  7. If you're lucky, whoever labels it will have shitty handwriting and the list of contents will be nearly illegible.

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