What does the bottom lock nut on coilovers do?

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  1. Just wondering. Only had mine installed for 2 days and noticed i read the instructions wrong and tightened the bottom lock nut to the bottom of the ones where the spring sits. This nut is supposed to be tightened to the bottom of the strut. What happens if this nut isnt tightened to the bottom. I fixed it now, but worried i might have messed something up.
    The single red ring that is sitting against the silver part of bottom of strut. It was tightened up to the two red rings before, now it looks like that strut:
  2. Nevermind, i understand the whole deal now with coils. They are set correctly now, thank god nothing bad happened with them before I figured out. I was lowering the car without setting the preload.
  3. the bottom lock nut is for setting height =] i have these same coils on a 240sx

    what you putting them on?
  4. I think those are to adjust ride height, like Haze said. Not 100% sure what you're referring to, though.
  5. yo OP!!!! when you get those rims on the rolla post some pics....im interested in seeing how it looks....also how low you plan on going?
  6. I figured it out, the bottom nut locks the strut into the base. The other one locks the preload adjustment in place. Before i was adjusting height with the preload things so yeah that wasnt smart. But i plan on going pretty low, already ordered shorter springs for up front. Right now its a 1 finger gap but want it lower. My adapters and lugs come in on monday. Ill have pics up tuesday hopefully!

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