What does teen spirit smell like?

Discussion in 'General' started by flapflip, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. I would imagine body odor and and lots of alcohol, and dubstep.

    What does it smell like? :laughing:
  2. sex, drugs and rock and roll. thats what it smells like
  3. Shotgun shells..
  4. [quote name='"H4Boxer"']Shotgun shells..[/quote]

    I'd go with that one
  5. Weird Al's armpits

  6. This x1000.

    And lol OP, dubstep. Although that song may have sent Kurt to the grave (since it turned him into a sellout), he'd still be rolling around in his grave at hearing that used in term with teen spirit.

    Unfortunately, house music and dubstep and coregrind and rockapopafunk is the music of today :feelsoldman:
  7. Schwag and axe body spray
  8. facebook and angry birds dont have a smell..
  9. What does teen spirit smell like?
    Bad sex with B.O, mixed in with to much perfume and make-up beside unwashed clothes in the sun
  10. Vomit and sweat
  11. outdoorsy- skunkish
  12. Hairspray and desperation.
  13. Cheap alchohol, weed smoke and testosterone
  14. Michael Jacksons bootyhole.

    or maybe that's preteen spirit :eek:
  15. Vomit, sweat, piss, axe body spray, hairspray, ditch weed, cheap beer and cum.
  16. black powder & mosquitoes.
  17. pussy farts, derps, herps for 2 weeks
  18. Like the deoderant

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