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What does smoking marijuana do to your brain waves? (neurofeedback?)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by fadeddd, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know what smoking cannabis does to alter the activity in your brain, especially in specific locations or what it does to specific brain waves?

    Today I went to have an EEG on a couple different parts of my brain and I am going to start doing neurofeedback, which basically monitors your brain waves in realtime and reports positive changes visually and through sound, so that your brain can begin to change how active/inactive it is.

    When I told the EEG practitioner that I smoked marijuana daily and that I'm a medical marijuana patient, she immediately began referring to the pot as "the drugs" and telling me the EEG readout won't be correct until I "stop doing drugs". (yes, I know it's technically a drug, but she was making me feel like a crackhead)

    I became slightly skeptical and asked her if the fact it's psychoactive for approximately 2 hours doesn't mean that if I didn't smoke the day of the neurofeedback/EEG it wouldn't report accurate brain activity. She didn't answer me, I thought it was clear she didn't know the answer, and vaguely reminded me that marijuana has a long half-life.

    Even more skeptical now, I asked if this meant any anti-depressants or other psychoactive medication should be discontinued and she said absolutely not. Why should one psychoactive drug interfere when others do not?

    Also perhaps of some importance to someone, the EEG showed that my frontal lobe was approximately 2.5 times more active than it should be, whereas my right temporal lobe was very inactive, nearly only a quarter of the activity it should be showing. I'm pretty sure I've been this way my entire life and this has nothing to do with cannabis, but I thought I'd get some second opinions. :]
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  3. Thanks for the bump my good sir?
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  5. In my psycology book it says THC binding to the cannabinoid receptors in your spinal cord and brain account for the euphoric sensation and the receptors in ur frontal cortex accounts for motor skills, short term, sensory perception. But it also says marijuana kills brain cells sooo believe it if ya want.
  6. There is a surprising amount of conflict between alternative therapy practioners and MMJ, unfortunately for the same reasons there is a conflict between MMJ and Big Pharma-medical cannabis loses them patients, esp, the high dollar chronic illness ones.
    Back momentarily on the brain waves...
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  7. It's best for you to moderate the smoking if any, but be sure to tell us results of your nerufeedback
  8. I am very looking forward to what you have to say on this, how do you ALWAYS find my questions and answer them so quickly and helpfully? You're like my grasscity guardian angel.
  9. Mmmm.... I really don't think it would have any long term effects on neural activity after the psychoactive THC is out of your system. Inactive thc metabolites do stay in your system for a long time.... But at the same time, haven't you ever smoked right before going to bed and woken up with that hazy, burnout effect? It becomes difficult to concentrate on anything for the first hour or so... My uneducated opinion is that it may have an effect on neural activity for maybe a day or so, any difference in brain activity after that would probably be insignificant. This is a really hard question for me to answer because i'm not a biochemist. No study has ever conclusively determined whether or not Cannabanoids have a long term effects on brain chemistry.... I really have no clue, and my gut instinct is any inactive thc in your system doesn't have any effect on your brain chemistry, after all, it is inactive.
  10. This is what I was thinking and trying to call her on when she stopped responding. I also found it very strange that she said the obviously psychoactive SSRIs, SNRIs, and other atypical antidepressants shouldn't be discontinued and that they wouldn't impede the results of the EEG. Why would something that's psychoactive 24/7 be cool but something that lasts for approximately 2 hours matter a day or two later?

    Starting to think she is just one of those old ladies who thinks "illegal" drugs are just bad, period.
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  11. Yeah, I think she just doesn't know what shes talking about. Is she just a technician or an actual M.D?
  12. She has her masters in educational therapy. Not an M.D by any means. I took that into account as well, obviously. :eek: Hopefully she knows her stuff on the neurofeedback though.
  13. On a personal note, the fact that she called cannabis "The drugs" is both irritating and hilarious. I realize it's a drug, but it just pisses me off when people use stupid logic like "It's illegal!".... So what? Heroin was legal at one point, same thing with every other drug... Legality does not determine whether or not something is good or not... I seem to recall that one thing that was legal a while back.... what was it called again? Um.... SLAVERY. Do you know what else was illegal too? WOMEN VOTING. You should mention that to her.
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  14. :eek: Prehaps she may have been reading terribly histrionic studies from 1973

    Human EEG spectra before and during cannabis hallucinations. | Mendeley

    Valid bit, in the midst of hysteria:
    Pot makes you sleepy! I think I may have noticed this effect at some point....:confused:
  15. Hi, sorry if this is personal, but why are you taking medical marijuana and what are you hoping to gain from neurofeedback?

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