What does "responsible use" mean to you?

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  1. Many legalization groups focus on responsible use.

    Do you think it makes a difference and what does it mean to you?
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    1: Common sense. It means having all of your responsibilities taken care of before you buy any Cannabis.

    2: Not smoking all of what you buy in one sitting.

    3: Not breaking anything (bongs, pipes, etc.) or making any party fouls.

    4: Staying under the radar and being responsible when it comes to driving when others are stoned.

    I could go on but those are the top 4 things that come to mind right off hand.
  3. 1. common sense
    2. don't waste all of your money on pot, take care of all your needs first.
    3. don't act like some dumbass stoner (see #1)
  4. Not putting others at risk.

    Aside from that it's no ones damn businesses how I use my drugs.
  5. [quote name='"YoSmokinMan"']Not putting others at risk.

    Aside from that it's no ones damn businesses how I use my drugs.[/quote]


    Who the fuxk cares if I spend my whole paycheck on weed. I aint got no kids that's my business!

    But for real I would never spend my whole paycheck on weed lol
  6. 1. Not endangering others.
    2. Not promoting use by minors (like alcohol does) or using it front of them.
    3. Knowing what you're putting into your body.
    4. I like the "have your shit together" idea expressed by others. Weed is last. Priorities.
  7. man all you people missed it. Reasonable use means, what is a reasonable amount of weed to use. This isn't like pharma drugs where you can only use certain milligrams. Some people smoke a bowl and pass out, some people have to smoke 3.5 grams to take care of the pain they have. Whats reasonable for 1 doesn't necessarily mean it will work for others. its a natural remedy, to each his own. My lawyer says, just have enough to have a reasonable explanation for the law in case they knock. That's it. If you can have a reasonable explanation for having 10 lbs, well lets hear it, if not just have what you need.
  8. using something in a way that does not pose any harm or threat to the innocent. pretty simple no? :D
  9. Have a job, pay your bills. Don't EVER do it while driving or before getting behind the wheel. Just be a functioning part of society and don't put yourself in any situations where you jeopardize your freedom, your safety, or anybody else's freedom or safety...kind of like most of us already do! Treat it like alcohol as far as work and school goes, there is a time for everything.
  10. Really, really good points! Thanks for the insight :hello:
  11. Treat it like alcohol? Hmmmwhaaaa
    I'm a terrific driver while stoned. Even though I don't have a license. (You don't really need a license to drive what I drive where I live)
  12. Most of you guys are pretty much in tune with the legal activists.

    Oregon's Measure 80

    Section 4. 474.005 Definitions. As used in this chapter:

    (1) “Abuse” means repetitive or excessive drug use such that the individual fails to fulfill a statutory or common law duty, including but not limited to the duties owed by parents to children, by motorists to pedestrians and other motorists, and by employees to employers, fellow employees, and the public.
  13. Pretty much sums it up! Thanks for the info Decoy!!:hello:
  14. The thread title and question pertains to "responsible use" not "reasonable."
    Does that change your answer at all? I think ya missed that. :cool::D

  15. You must have been pretty stoned if you thought responsible use was reasonable use haha

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