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what does red stems mean?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by fireinside2288, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. i forget could someone tell me?? ty!! also how to fix it.. i know its not too bad but i wanna try my best for perfect plants
  2. i know that purple is because the temp dropped below 65ish what is the lowest your grow gets? i have reddish stems to but my grow room gets pretty cold when i away at work and the temp outside drops so thats what i think it is lol but not 100%
  3. Phosphorous deficiency maybe?

  4. it could that is a sign but he would see damage to the leaf its self too not just red stems

    are the leafs in good shape? also forgot to post some strains just have red stems in there genes. are we talking about the man stem or the little ones that branch off to the leafs and as always a pic would help
  5. You're not telling us of any leaf damage/problems, so I assume all you are noticing is the red stems -- in which case I would say it's genetics and normal. Purple could just be genetic as well, not necessarily caused by cold.
  6. :smoke: dont worry mate, it is because of the cold, just try to keep the temps up a bit more, you could try a small oil heater. good luck mate.
  7. I noticed red stems on mine as well. I have three plants growing and the red stems are on the two closest to the fresh air fan. I'll have to adjust my fan placement, thank you for the information - good thread.

    I did not have any leaf damage.
  8. thx alot everyone!! its a bag seed soo i dont know what strain it truly is... the temp does get a bit cold in there.. i will try moving the fan further away

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