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what does one gram look like? picture?

Discussion in 'General' started by Masterkush15, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. I don't have a scale yet and I want to put my weed in 1 gram increments.
  2. Looks alone cannot give you an accurate measure of your nugs. Density will play a large factor in the overall mass. 1 gram of less dense buds will look like more than 1 gram of dense buds.

    Hope that helps.
  3. not all grams look the same. some are big some are skimp. depends on density.
  4. thanks. is there a way I could get a picture of a gram grinded?
  5. While discussions of dealing ar against the rules here you aren't fooling anyone, please don't be a shithead dealer and do it without a scale.
  6. there should be "an official This is one gram " thread for people that dont know

    it would just be cool to see one gram from a bunch of different kinds of nugs

  7. or maybe I only want to smoke a gram

  8. I agree. I think that would be a cool thread.
  9. make it yo0

  10. Id be willing to contribute :smoke:
  11. found this thread randomly from Google, by looking how much one gram actually looks like, and seems like I have been getting ripped off lol.... anyways post pics of one gram weed welcome.

  12. just by looking at that one picture, you cant determine that you have been ripped off...

    ive had dimes bigger than that, and ones MUCH smaller....

    i had a .8 back once that was one bowl. it fit in the normal sized glass pipe..but it burned FOREVER...we just kept hitting it, got hella baked, then flipped it over and it was completely green..so you really cant say that every gram is the same.

    ive had a dime that i could have paid 20 for if i was dumb and didnt know about density..
  13. It depends on the density of the bud.
  14. Why not just post a picture of your gram and we will tell you if we think whether or not it truly be.

    Or you're trying to sell someone a gram and dont have a scale.

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