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What Does My Dealer Mean?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by DealerNoDealing, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. So, i texted my dealer last night asking him to get me a 40 Friday, he responded "prob we'll keep you updated." who the fuck is we.
  2. Royale We. Like the Queen would say "we", even though she's one person.

    Pretty weird how such a commoner can be so high and mighty.
  3. Him, his dealers, his dealers dealers, his dealers dealers dealers, etc. 
  4. Idk sounds like he deals with multiple people.
  5. Maybe he misspelled "will" and auto-correct turned it into "we'll" I think soo many dealers have smartphones now-a-days.
  6. #6 OntheDopethrone, Jun 11, 2013
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    I think he meant will, and were you really so confused that you had to post online about it?
  7. Who cares what he meant, either way you'll be updated.
  9. yeah, probably just meant will.
  10. Maybe he has a split personality...
    Or he is 2 midgets pretending to be 1 pot dealer.
  11. Either he ment will or he's a middle man and he's not sure if he can get bud by then?

    Im just spit-ballin' here

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  12. Hahahahahahhahaha I seriously just laughed my ass off bro:):):):):):) shit I'm high:)
  13. well that doesn't answer anything... who's Will then??
  14. Coulda been his girl
  15. No, we does not mean him and the DEA agents.

    So chillax brah and toke up

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  16. That text is kind of like seeing things in clouds, could mean anything. Definitely not something to be thinking about though
  17. Oh he meant the DEA.  What are the first 3 letters in the word "dealer"?
  18. Damn..........

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