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What does mids mean

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ReggieSurfer, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Where I live no one says mids for anything that has to deal with kill? What does it mean
  2. It means middle grade weed. It's not horrible, but nothing exciting.
  3. Ok where I live it's either regular weed or dro but sometimes there is KB which is Mid I guess kb stands for killer bud
  4. here the stuff that is compacted,green colored with seeds in it is called midgrades. it would be a step up from shwag which is more leafy and brown colored which ive never smoked= yuck
  5. i just got some high mids... should probably post a pic just to show you.
  6. haha kb is a sick acronym. I dont know if i've ever heard that.
  7. the regular weed, not neccesaarily compacted but usually less trichomey (less crystals), and sparse, if any, orange hairs. Not a mind blowing high but still gets you stoned.
  8. Well we just say if it's not dro it's reg no mid or low mid none of that
  9. kb= kind bud here...

    mids= mid grade.
    KB - kind bud
    Heady's - bomb shit.
    Exotics/dank - bomber shit lol

    Weird i've never heard of killer bud...
  10. Lol I live in Texas and we just get that Mexican reg but we get dank dro

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