What does it say on your C-Card when ordering from attitude?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by bassknocker23, May 30, 2009.

  1. oh god... bears? you mean packers.... lol im jp..

    but denver for real
  2. lol nice, im from chicago myself, hopefully cutler will help us out. so anyway, how long did it take for ur seeds to get there?

  3. WEll, I am from Indian!!! SO I should get my seeds faster! :devious:

    Unless they come from the other side of the us lol
  4. i placed an order on tues, and then one on friday....so we'll see :smoke:

  5. lol, you will get them before me.
  6. haha well you never know with usps....
  7. I want to say a little less than 2 weeks but that was the week of Memorial Day so it probably took a little longer than it should. Hey bassknocker is there more than corn in indy? :) Shaefer Lake here I come.....
  8. Wanted to concur with the others - Attitude is quick and discreet, both on the bill and the shipment.

    Relax ;)
  9. I agree on Attitude as well, fast clean and solid.:cool:
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    :cool: All of you should know better than to discusss this here.

    Thanks guys.

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