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  1. Something you need to know:

    Well lately my dad has been under a lot of pressure, he just went to the doctor the other day and they said he had cardiac arrhythmia And high blood pressure. He didn't get any meds, so now I'm afraid he's gonna have a heart attack and die. Just today his motorcycle got stolen and he sent my bros rent to someone else.

    My case:

    Every time something happens like this I feel like shit and think it's my fault, I really think in my head that I caused all of this to happen to him, when I really didn't, so then It leads to me probably crying ( yeah I'm a guy ),then getting angry at my self, and then it ends with me feeling sorry for my dad. I just want to know, is that normal? Do I have some un- diagnosed anxiety? I need help and opinions....
  2. Both of you guys need some of dat bomb
  3. [quote name='"HSO Bandages"']Both of you guys need some of dat bomb[/quote]

    I mean I do, but he can't due to his job.
  4. Damn ... Well idk then . Maybe get him some weed ointment if he has aches & pains or a 12 pack
  5. I don't know how old you are, but when I was in my late teens and early twenties I had the same issue with feeling responsible for anything that happened to my Dad. And yes I sometimes cried over it too! I finally just grew out of it I guess. You just have to become acutely aware of your and his individuality and free-will.
  6. if you feel that way then you should spend more time with your dad. get to know him as a person.
  7. HSO are you really suggesting giving marijuana to someone with high blood pressure? High blood pressure and increased heart rate from marijuana can be a deadly combination.
  8. Naw just weed ointment so he won't be cranky about aches & pains . I got some for my grandma for her arthritis & it doesn't get you high
  9. He needs medication....im no doctor but I'm pretty sure in that situation u need cardiac regulators and shit as well as blood-thinning medications potentially in hot areas. As for u OP, just chill man, breathe and maybe have a few hits. Not enough to be so blazed u dwell on ur problems, but just mellowing ones. Ur having anxiety about having anxiety bro, shit's just tough but breathe and ull get through.
  10. Blades, it happened again. My brother and I were arguing over something, about a movie of his ( he doesn't like it when I leave it in the DVD player ) which I didn't btw, then my dad hops in and says "why don't y'all do something?" "I'm tired of you guys just sitting here all day, now be in mind that I am looking for a job an have had some people call me back to set up interviews, but anyways I just looked down at the ground and went into my room and locked myself up, then proceeded to cry because a lot of thoughts of my life passing me by, me being a failure, and homelessness ( which i'm not ) were over whelming me. Let a few minutes pass by, I come out of my room so I can eat some dinner, as I'm sitting there, my dads words linger in mind, then I feel a tight knot in my throat, so I go to the bathroom, sit on my toilet and proceed to cry some more. I just wanna know what you guys thin I should do? I feel like I should seek psychiatric help, I've been reading online that negative pondering thoughts, and random crying were signs of GAD. Opinions?
  11. Yeah that sounds like GAD to me. You're anxiety is just focused on your dad. Those bouts of crying are probably anxiety attacks. It wouldn't be a bad idea to seek some psychiatric help if you're feeling helpless.

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