What does it mean when you have a line in your eyebrow?

Discussion in 'General' started by blazemore, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. So I was shaving this morning and while I was doing my sideburns, I accidentally touched my eyebrow with it and I got this line in my eyebrow.
    It looks like this:

    But only has a line on one side. I think it looks stupid. What does it mean when you cut your eyebrows? I heard it's symbolic in some way.
  2. it means your extremely intelligent

  3. It means you dont know how to shave
  4. lol @ these responses.
  5. it looks gangsta
  6. doesn't mean anything. it's just "style"
  7. It means you have aids.
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    I see what you did there
  9. Haha when I was a lot younger I did it once.
    My family freaked to fucked out cause they thought I was in a gang.
    Like a had an intervention with my entire family.
  10. If thats you in your signature, why would they think your in a gang? lol
  11. You can't stop at half OP, or it will look unoriginal. Shave off one entire eyebrow, and leave the other on...

    When people take up this new look, OP will be the trailblazer.
  12. I have a line in my left eyebrow. but thats cause theres a scar there from when i was careless on xa... Nvm
  13. Triple OG. That's how I interpret it. More lines, more OG
  14. You know what it means, nothing. Just like any style, they dont mean shit.... people just pretend they do so they have an excuse to look ridiculous
  15. Ha that's not me.
  16. Jay Z made in popular back in the day. Late 90's. 3 CUTS IN YOUR EYEBROWS TRYIN TO WILD OUT


    My shit back in the day. You young boys don't know about young Hov 3;08
  17. I know right. He only got 11 Number 1 albums. :rolleyes: He even got you jackin his swag and you don't even know why you doing it. Listen to them lyrics.
  18. I cut my eyebrow on accident. Read the OP.
  19. I've seen people get those lines from eyebrow piercings.
    I sort of like the way they look.

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