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What does it mean when weed is decriminalized?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stalexmilk, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So pretty much what does it mean it is decriminalized? does that mean you can't get arrested for it? Sorry for being such a noob. :cool:
  2. It means that personal possession is a misdemeanor instead of a felony. So yeah, basically you get a ticket instead of going to jail.
  3. decriminalized generally means that the police arent enforcing marijuana laws, or at least aren't going after the average user.

    the problem with decriminalization is that it's not legalization. Cops can/still will prosecute people and arrest them if they're trying to be dicks.

    Amsterdam for example is decriminalized, you can smoke, there are coffee shops where you can buy. But it is still illegal to grow and manufacture weed in Amsterdam. because of that there is still a huge underground blackmarket that supplies the coffeeshops
  4. gg. I love california
  5. Ohio it's a minor misdemeanor. I looked up what that means and I'm pretty sure its basically the same thing as a misdemeanor but your fine wont exceed $100 iirc. But thats in Ohio. In most places it's just a misdemeanor ie. simple possession.
  6. it means you get less fucked than say, speeding

  7. Not true otherwise Greenhouse, Sensi Seed bank etc would be fucked, I dont know the exact laws on cultivation but it cant be illigal because when you walk in here


    Your greeted with this:

  8. it means one small step toward what it should be.
  9. It just got decriminilized in Ky yay!!

  10. Due your research man. all the plants at sensei seeds, and the cannabis college are destroyed. They are never allowed to be harvested. They are only allowed as displays/exhibits.

    Call the cannabis college right now and they'll tell you the same.
  11. progress, baby steps
  12. Okay, so if you've had no prior offences or anything you just get a ticket? does anyone know how much the ticket would be if you live in cali?
  13. NY is actually really sick with our decrim law. under 25g is a max of a $100 ticket. and its a violation. not even a misdemeanor. scoree!

    check out the NORML sit for exact laws for each state
  14. It means I wouldn't be on probation right now if Texas wasn't so gay
  15. Decriminalization means that it's still illegal, but you get in the same trouble as you would for speeding. i.e. $100 fine for less than an ounce. doesn't go on criminal record.

    You can have up to an ounce in Alaska with NO PENALTY if it's in your residence.

    Alaska - NORML
  16. Actually it looks like you could get able to get away with just under 4 ounces in your residence without it going to a felony. :p
  17. i've often wondered... what's the difference between that and legal? but no that im sober, i'm thinking if they found you had 20g of bud they'd take it but not arrest you. the whole country should be like that. that's sick.

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