What does it mean to smoke weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by GGrass, May 4, 2011.

  1. After... one, two, three, FOUR days of T break, I smoked it on the FIFTH day morning which was this morning and it was great.

    Felt a bit guilty for doing a wake and bake, but... I'm not gonna kill myself over it.

    After consuming a bowlful of weed, I got me thinking,

    'I just burnt some leaves and took that into my body... now the essence of this plant is running through my system... I have merged with this plant... I mean, I do this so often, I won't be suprised if my DNA is altered by it... and what does that mean?'

    I think if you smoke weed for a long time, you sort of ... merge with the plant.

    I mean, you got that plant's essence in your system for so long and so often, it HAS to leave some permanant traces in your body...

    And... what does that mean?

    It means you are taking the essence of the EARTH into your body.

    If you think about the plant, and where it was grown... and consider what's in that soil, you will feel the minerals from that mountain... running through your body.

    Do you know where your weed came from? Like, what province... what country... such and such...

    Do you know the quality of the soil and water in that region? The weather?


    I think my weed came from Kanchanaburi. It's the nearest weed producing region...

    It would be SO FUCKING COOL to smoke weed from other parts of the Earth...

    Like, Bhutan or places like that...

    I ALMOST had a chance... to smoke some Bhutan stuff... but it wasn't to be...

    I wonder how many of the earth's population smoke weed everyday.

    1 in 10?

    May be more?
  2. hahaha. awesome :D

    enjoy man. but why u feel guitly for wakenbake?
  3. To inhale combusted cannabis

    Edit: epic read
  4. Coz I smoke it on my way to work at 6:30 AM...

    I feel (kind of) guilty for showing up at work, secretly stoned...
  5. I hope some thc is in my DNA man , high errrrday
  6. I believe so man... I believe if you smoke enough weed, it will sip into your DNA.
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    Yeah hopefully bro, ill try my best
  8. Hmmm, why yes it may be in our long time smoking DNA. We also come back to the familiar warmth that we love...

    It's crazy, to be burning at a high temperature some flowers of a plant that rooted from the ground. Then it passes through the hands of oh so many just to get us FLOWERS. Or it can fall in the wrong hands and be burned by law enforcement.

    The crystals, leaves, hairs that we burn come from such a simple plant that can be grown with water and soil.

    And in the end,
  9. are you saying by burning plants it somehow releases plant sperm. in your words plant essence.:p
  10. It means u getting high mothafucka

  11. dirty little secret

    on the outside: :)
    on the inside: :yay::metal::bolt::confused_2::ey::love::laughing::laughing::wave::D:yay:

  12. isn't that the truth....

    WHenever I'm around people of respect who don't know I smoked,,, I feel as if I have a shield on and that my eyes are the communicator while my body feels like that :cool:
  13. What do you think happens to a child that was concieved when both parents were high at the time of 'mating'?
  14. the tadpoles swim in hash
  15. I feel lucky to be able to smoke weed, and have enough weed to last me for a life time.

    Well, I don't have it, but I have a place where I can get it with very little effort.

    O the joy of having a reliable dealer.

  16. No. Just no. Your body does not work that way.
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YnBcHDOEe90]YouTube - Nas - Fetus[/ame]

    The herb is like you said, just a plant. A beautifully crafted plant at that. I think there was a video called 'Cannabis, Forgetting, and the Botany of Desire' that goes really in depth about our natural symetry and relationship with cannabis. Pretty informative to say the least.

    I am pretty sure my supply comes from xinjiang, which is the same place where the 2700 year old stash was found.
  18. O yeah? Then how does it work?

    That is so cool... have you ever been to xinjiang?

  19. First define what exactly occurs that changes your DNA when/after you smoke.
  20. The smoke goes in and smokes your DNA like smoked salmon or smoked sausage.

    That's what happens.

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