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What does it feel like when you are really high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by episcopalian, Jan 9, 2013.

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    When I am really high my my vision appears to change in a way that looks like I am looking through a movie camera lens or instagram filter or something everything seems to be more saturated and for some reason I feel like I'm looking at a beautiful painting and I can just look at literally anything and just stare at how beautiful it looks lol sometimes I smoke and find out I've been staring at my bowl or roach for 30 mins lol also when I am this high I feel like I'm in a giant sports stadium or big ass room does anybody know what I mean haha. What kind of trippy things do you guys encounter when u are stoned??
  2. My vision usually goes all hazy and I feel glued to where ever I am. Music seems to slow down and speed up too.
  3. When I'm really high it feels as if I'm kinda sinking into myself. Like my body is folding together...I don't know how to explain lol but the first time that happened I freaked the fuck out and just went to sleep lol. Now that I'm used to it I just like to sit there and relax with friends :)
  4. After a certain amount of weed I can't get any higher. I get a certain level of lucidity, but not in a trippy kinda way :)

  5. i remember one time after a long ass t break, i smoked and i had the instagram filter kinda thing goin on too. Makes a nice weather, amazing weather.
  6. When I get super high my vision and its hard to explain but is like I feel like muscles randomly start twitching. Oh and music is the shit.
  7. I get slow forget things.
  8. I usually kno when it feels like I'm pissing myself, That's when I'm maxed out at a 10.
  9. When I'm really fucking blitzed, my brain and body feel a second apart, people look slightly cartoon-y, like they're kind of popping out the background, and if someone asks me a question I just sit there for like 20 seconds, then look at them like an idiot and go, ''What?''

    Also I could stare at a wall for like 30 minutes and it's super interesting.

    And then a level or 2 beyond that, the very highest I can get before I smoke myself sober, is when I can't even talk, like it comes out as random gibberish, and I mean literally like ''akshdfliwehflaiwhfw''
  10. I don't know anymore, man...
  11. It's like... my mind is split into a dozen different minds. And maybe because I'm thinking a mile a minute, it's like my thoughts are talking to and over one another. Everything else seems slow because I can't focus on anything but just how much I'm thinking.
  12. it feels- it feels like, If there is a god, then that god fucking loves me.
  13. Well I smoked 2 fat bowls to myself the other night after a T-Break and all of a sudden my red dot vision turned on outside at night.

    I came inside and all i heard was the bomb ticking in search and destroy.

    then i thought i would tell my friend that and it seemed as if my hands were way too large for the phone so i put it down for a moment.
  14. You know when you take a massive dump and you just feel really relived...

    thats how i feel my whole high
  15. I miss getting that high, where shit is like a 0 gravity force, I get it randomly when I'm laying down now but I used to get it all the time.. Hopefully this 2 week t break will help that I'm bout to break in a couple of days.
  16. I just feel amazing, like I have no stress, no worries...that my life is amazing and I am very happy. Everything is so slowed down and I feel so out of it.
  17. My vision gets really clear while my gaze gets hazy. I feel physically heavy, or energetic (depending if im on sativa or indica) and I have a sort of mental fog to my surroundings; makes me introverted
  18. really fuckin good. That just about sums it up.
  19. like, high, but x2...

  20. Dopamine :)

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