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What does hash smoke smell like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lowrider_jd, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. I'm familiar with the smell of weed smoke, but I'm wondering if hash smoke smells similar? Is it less distinctive? (lets say the hash is mixed with tobacco in a spliff)
  2. Good hash will usually bubble and melt abit when you smoke it. It smells abit like marijuana when burned but not exactly the same. You would still be able to tell what it is though most likely.
  3. Hash doesnt smell that bad you could have a big slab of it and it wouldn't smell as bad(good) as 1g of dank. When you light it up it gives off a stronger smell

  4. Must not be good hash. A gram of good bubble or BHO reeks of dank.
  5. when lit?
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    Beat me to it!!! Well done sir

  7. It's not the smell of the hash itself I'm asking about, it's the smell of the hash when burnt/lit/smoked that I'm wondering about.
  8. im wondering if when i visit my rents this summer, will i have to take as many precautions smoking straight hash in the house as opposed to bud. Is the smell as strong, is it noticable, can it be linked to bud, will they know what it is? Or can i just rip bong hoots and not give a fuck wt only basic smell proofing techniques (sploof and towel under door)?
  9. smells like hash ..

    tastes like chicken :) j/k
  10. When you smoke it it's going to smell similar to weed, if you were to just smoke hash in your room yes it will smell very strongly, but it's not really too much different than weed except it tends to rip much bigger but be less dense smoke,

    Some hashes do smell strongly without being lit just in their containers, others don't, I certainly don't pick what hashes I'm buying based on smell. I have some diesel-wreck hash right now and then a number of indicas, some of the indicas I have are more potent than the diesel-wreck but none of the indicas really smell, but the diesel-wreck smells very strongly of sativa, just in the container
  11. It's a little sweeter smelling.
  12. It smells very earthy and alot heavier if its sifted hash, if its solvent hash it smells a little bit sweeter and less skunky but still alot heavier.

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